Researchers May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge of Changing The Human DNA

One central idea of the ancient astronaut theory is that ancient entities could have altered the DNA of humans or other life forms. Many ancient engravings depict the DNA double-helix design. This has led researchers to speculate that extraterrestrial beings may have assisted human evolution. They might have even created hybrids from their DNA.

Another theory is that the Third Eye could be found in the brain’s Pituitary gland. It is believed that the pine cone-shaped gland is associated with bizarre organisms that may be altering the Tree of Life. Some believe that the tree is DNA and human vertebrae.

Many questions remain unsolved. What is the link between the Third Eye (DNA) and the Third Eye (third eye)? Are these prehistoric animals able to alter DNA structure using higher consciousness? This seems absurd, to be sure. But, scientists are now coming to similar conclusions. Be aware that not much is known about the vast majority DNA. In 2018, they discovered a completely new, bizarrely twisted type of DNA called the i-motif. This is a four-stranded, knotshaped piece of genetic code. The mysterious DNA

Scientists also announced their discoveries on dark matter’s genome, which is composed of mysterious sequences almost identical to all vertebrates (humans, mice, chickens). Scientists are still unsure how the Dark DNA developed in the past and how it functions today. We don’t know what the 98 percent of our DNA actually does. However, we are gradually discovering that it isn’t “junk”. Scientists don’t yet know much about genetic DNA and what causes awareness. Multiple studies show that DNA may be affected by both intracellular and environmental variables. Epigenetics focuses on the study of how external influences can alter who and what you are. Research suggests that our thoughts, goals, and emotions can alter our DNA. Maintaining a positive outlook and dealing with stress effectively can be beneficial for our mental well-being, as well our genetic DNA.

A study of 11,500 British women at high risk for depression found that mitochondrial DNA was altered and that telomere length was also affected. Science Alert reported that the most striking discovery was that women suffering from stressrelated melancholy, or unhappiness, such as childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse, had higher levels of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), than their peers. Researchers discovered that mitochondrial DNA (the ‘powerhouse organelles within cells’ that release energy from meals to the cells in which they live) was increasing. They believed that this could be a sign that their cells have changed in energy requirements as a result.

These changes to DNA structure seem to accelerate aging. After analysing their data, the researchers found that women with stress-related depression had shorter Telomeres than women who were healthy. The caps at our chromosome ends that shrink as we age are called telomeres. The researchers wondered if stress may have contributed to this reduction. Another study found that yoga and meditation may be beneficial for preserving telomeres. Scientists believe that DNA is linked to higher spirituality. An ancient astronaut theory suggests that we are already close to ancient astronaut levels of cognition. You might find this unusual and not want to go on, as things are about to get even stranger. Is it possible for ghost DNA to exist?

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