A mysterious black object has been close to the Sun for several months.

A strange object was discovered near the Sun. What is it really? No one can answer yet.

This mysterious object has been in the same place for more than a month. In the event that it is really a spacecraft, how could it be so close to the Sun for so long and during this time not reach an extreme temperature?

Ufologist Scott Waring was the one who found this object. He noted that the supposed ship has been close to the Sun for quite some time and only sporadically moves a bit to the right or to the left.

Waring is certain that this object is in orbit and may be an alien spacecraft. The ufologist has been watching him for a 9 months.

Waring said: “The object is still there. Some people try to say that it is not a ship, but a dark spot on the Sun. This is not possible, since the Sun revolves under the UFO.

Perhaps NASA was confident that no one would see a triangular object in the orbit of the Sun, which is about the size of the Moon.

A video was also posted where the given item is clearly visible, however, no one can say precisely where it came from.

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