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Former NASA employee discloses information about human trips to Mars

The idea would be fascinating for many and for others it would sound a bit fanciful, but the fact that there may be life on another planet cannot be hidden, just as it cannot be affirmed or denied that within the plans of the most powerful of the worlds state it emerged the idea of ​​making trips to other planets and that these trips were successfully carried out through a secret program.

human trip to mars
A denunciation was made by Corey Goode, a former NASA employee who indicates that secret activities and missions involving space travel have been carried out for a long time, missions that have not been published due to some extraneous security measures applied by the government From United States.

Goode affirms what many military personnel and former NASA members have declared about the existence of this secret program involving advanced technology, technology that civil society cannot even imagine.
Senator Daniel K. Inouye testifies in the case of secret programs and affirms that there is a government capable of controlling, forming and adopting its own ideas with specific interests, exempt from accountability to any other government entity.

One of the planets that has been in the eye of NASA for its particular natural and mysterious shape has been Mars, the idea is to investigate everything related to the planet, Mars has many characteristics that resemble the planet Earth, which arouses the curiosity of many scientists.

First Contact on Mars
According to Corey Goode, the first trip to Mars was made in 1930. The trip was made by a space program directed by the United States and carried out by some Germans . The program consisted of exploring Mars and other planets to establish bases , Goode claims that bases on Tuesday were already built on the surface of the planet.

Germany and its space technology
It is curious that Germany has also been involved in the secret affairs of space programs and is that according to Tompkins there are 3 documents that give veracity to the fact that Germany lent its knowledge in space technology to carry out these trips.

Of all these statements it is impossible not to doubt these trips and whether it is possible that humans inhabit other planets since this information has not yet been corroborated with certainty.

Video source: Clearing Enigmas

President Barack Obama on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, made a statement to a major American news channel in which he insinuates that it is impossible for humans to inhabit other planets, as he barely plans to send humans until 2030, a fact he denies statements about an alleged secret program that sends humans to Mars.

While more unknowns will continue to emerge and many investigations will be carried out whose existence will surely be ignored, what should not be denied is the possibility that many mysteries will begin to be revealed.

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