Arcturians Living 150 Light Years From Earth Near Arcturus Star Protect Humans From Evil Aliens

The Arcturians are described as one of the most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. They belong to the inhabitants of the fifth dimension, and their habitat is considered very similar to planet Earth, but with some futuristic aspects.

Through their expanded dimensionality, the Arcturians work with the human race on an emotional and spiritual level. An interesting alien race uses their abilities to create contact with humans after death. In this way, they help us to accomplish spiritual cleansing and healing, in order to give rebirth.


The Arcturians have an amazing philosophy about love. They teach that the fundamental secret to living in the fifth dimension is love. Advanced alien intelligence points out that fear, negativity, and guilt should be thrown aside, and better processed into love and respect.

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes. The home planet of aliens is located more than 150 light-years from planet Earth. The extraterrestrial civilization with interesting ideas has one of the most advanced and powerful technologies in the entire universe. Already millions of years ago, they possessed technology similar to the modern level of the Earth.

The powerful technology allows them to travel along the Milky Way in starships, which are at the forefront of the entire galaxy. It also brings some benefit to humanity. Due to the ease of movement of the Arcturians, as well as their philosophy, the Earth is not attacked by hostile aliens inhabiting the Universe. Aggressive alien civilizations fear the powerful starships the Arcturians have at their disposal.


The alien ships of this civilization carry technology at a universal level that provides maximum protection for both them and the human race. Extraterrestrial civilization is ruled by other beings of the same species, whom they call “Elders“. The elders are the most knowledgeable and respected people in Arcturus, and this is hardly surprising given the thousands of years of life.

Little is known about the interactions between Arcturians and humans. But they say that some people had cases of communication with them in order to identify their capabilities. Contactees have indicated that the peace-loving aliens are over 120 centimeters tall, with a disproportionately large head. Green skin and 3 fingers on the hand: that’s all the external differences from us, apparently formed by evolution under the different radiation of their stars.

In fiction, Arcturus takes the main role in the novel by Stanisław Lem “Return from the Stars.” Astronauts return to Earth after traveling to Arcturus, where part of the crew died. But in “Alice: The Girl from Earth” by Kir Bulychev, reptiles from Arcturus are mentioned. The novels by Gordon R. Dickson “Alien from Arcturus” and “Arcturus Landing” take place in the Arcturus system. It seems that all this is nothing more than fantasy, but who knows how far the authors are from the truth.

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