Boeing 747 Captain Christiaan van Heijst – Captures Cigar-Shaped UFO on Camera, UFO Flew at Speeds of up to 23,000mph

Captain Christiaan van Heijst of a Boeing 747 revealed that he has seen strange objects in the sky. He said that the objects flew at speeds of up to 23,000mph.

He is a highly regarded airman and an experienced aerial photographer from The Netherlands. However, he has never seen anything like these before. UFOs are typically regarded as a taboo subject.



In the past couple of years, the topic of UFOs has started to move. Due to the growing number of people talking about their experiences with these mysterious objects, the government admitted that they are indeed in the sky. This led to the formation of a new term called UAP, which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

According to Christiaan, he initially thought that these objects were military-related. However, after seeing them, he realized that they sounded very similar to the strange things he had seen in the past. For over two decades, he has been flying airplanes. Before he became a commercial pilot, he was a champion aerobatic pilot.


He has over 10,000 hours of flight time and 6,000 hours on the Boeing 747. While he believes that around 99 percent of the objects that he has seen in the sky are harmless, he still has a couple of unidentified sightings that he’s still baffled by.

Christiaan noted that as a pilot, his main objective is to keep the plane safe. Whenever he sees something that catches his attention, he immediately starts looking for it to determine if it’s a military plane or something that might affect his flight.


Since most pilots are trained observers, they don’t search for UAP. Instead, they rely on their knowledge of weather conditions and aerial observations to determine if the objects they see have a direct impact on their flight path. One of Christiaan’s most compelling sightings was over Greece, where he was flying near an aircraft carrier.

During his flight, he spotted a bright light in the sky that moved at an extremely high speed. Although he could not explain what caused the light, he said that it left no trail. He estimated that it flew at speeds of around Mach 30.

He was not sure if the object was connected to the aircraft carrier, which was involved in operations during the Iraq War. Other strange sightings include a falling light that he saw in the sky that moved rapidly before crashing to the ground.

He also reported seeing a ball of light flying across the Adriatic Sea. The object disappeared without a splash as it moved toward the sea. Christiaan also told The Sun Online that he came across a cigar-shaped object that he took with him in January 2010. The object lasted for over an hour.


He was traveling from Amsterdam to Malaga when he spotted the object in the sky about a hundred nautical miles ahead of him. According to air traffic control, there was no other aircraft flying in the area. The large and stationary object appeared to be blocking a portion of the sun.

It flew higher than commercial planes, and air traffic control did not find activity in the area. After taking a picture of the object, Christiaan was able to get an enhanced image of it using an AI system. The image was then analyzed by an agency that focuses on UFOs.

Although he doesn’t have a theory about what caused the objects in the sky to appear, Christiaan is still positive that one day, an explanation will be provided. He believes that the stigma surrounding UFO discussions will eventually break down.

Despite the possibility that there could be new atmospheric phenomena, it’s always better to analyze data without bias. For Christiaan, he used to disregard his own sightings as he was afraid that they might be too far fetched to consider seriously. He noted that colleagues often bring up the topic, though he rarely starts a dialogue himself.


According to him, his colleagues would often only discuss strange things with them once they believed they wouldn’t be able to explain it. He said that he was open to discussing his experiences with UFOs, though he avoids speculation.

Christiaan wanted to know what it was that he saw, as it could affect the safety of his plane. He noted that during the 1800s, the idea of rocks falling from the sky was regarded as a ridiculous notion. Today, most people believe that these are meteorites.

Despite the stigma surrounding UFOs, he believes that the situation will eventually break down eventually. He urged security agencies and aviation organizations around the world to keep investigating the phenomenon. He noted that he was very happy that the discussion about UFOs was starting to take place in the US.


He believes that eventually, people will start accepting the concept of UFOs, which will lead to the development of a more comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon.

He noted that collecting data is the only way to investigate what’s happening in the sky. Only then can we come up with an explanation as to what caused the objects to appear. In the US, a new investigation was launched after a series of leaked videos revealed that the military had encounters with alleged UFOs.

The government’s decision to declassify Project Blue Book, which detailed the activities of the UFOs during the 1960s, has led to a significant change in the way the topic is viewed. This discussion, which was once regarded as a fringe issue, has started to be discussed by prominent individuals.

His aerial photography can be found on his website and Instagram. He also recently appeared on YouTube to talk about his UAP encounters:

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