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UFO Sightings Grow Exponentially, According to New Pentagon Report

Two and a half months late, the United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence  (ODNI) has delivered its annual report on UAPs to Congress , as required by law, and now the Office of Dispute Resolution All Anomalies (AARO) at the Pentagon, is tasked with investigating reported sightings. Many sightings…

Yes because, although the preliminary assessment published on June 25, 2021 included 144 UFO sightings , the current figure stands at 510, collected between March 2021 and September 1, 2022. This increase, according to the report, is attributed to the reduction of the “stigma” when reporting experiences and a better understanding of the threats that UFOs could pose. 

As of today, the US military has reported a whopping 510 UAP sightings.

From the version for the public (the confidential one – surely more interesting – is intended for legislators that make up the C3 subcommittee on unidentified aerial phenomena ), it has 11 pages and concludes that some of the UFO sightings “seem to have demonstrated flight characteristics or unusual performance capabilities, and require further analysis.” Nothing new.

The ODNI thus continues without explicitly referring to extraterrestrials . The assessment ensures that none of the sightings provide evidence or indications of alien life , however, it points out that one of the current concerns is that these inexplicable objects could be dangerous to the national security of the United States.

From now on, then, the AARO will focus on the 171 sightings for which they have been unable to find a preliminary explanation. The report states that “regardless of the method of collection or reporting, many reports lack sufficient detailed data to allow UAP attribution with high certainty.”

The AARO will focus on the 171 sightings for which they have not been able to find an explanation

According to the report released on January 12, 2023, “Most new reports of UAP have come from US Navy and US Air Force aviators and operators who witnessed UAP. during the course of their operational duties”.

Air Force Gen. Pat Ryder issued a statement noting that reports of incursions into our designated space, land, sea or airspace were taken very “seriously and we examine each one.” It is not for less because, the report underlines that “UAP events continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspaces”, although “this may be the result of a collection bias due to the number of aircraft and active sensors, combined with attention focus and guidance for reporting anomalies.”

The report underlines that some of the sensitive areas linked to the sightings include nuclear power plants and military warehouses where nuclear weapons are possibly stored , an element that we have highlighted in other posts on this same page.

Christopher Mellon

Former intelligence undersecretary Christopher Mellon laments on his website that, in some respects, the report is less informative than the one published in June 2021: “unfortunately, -he writes- the report presents the minimum information necessary to comply with the request from Congress of an unclassified report” and criticizes that none of the 314 events that took place in space, or underwater (transmedia vehicles) , or attributable to foreign governments are alluded to.

In this regard, columnist Julian Barnes , citing anonymous “US officials”, claimed in The New York Times that some of the UAP incidents staged by the US military turned out to be Chinese drones .

The study concludes that increased awareness of UAPs will continue to produce more sightings and government agencies will have to try to determine what they are and where they came from.

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