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Is This Mysterious Ancient Greek Laptop The Final Proof For Time Travel?

According to the headline, a modern laptop was found in an ancient Greek carved of a teenage girl. Is this a coincidence? Or is it evidence of advanced technology in ancient times? This could be a sign that time-traveling technology exists?

This is evident from similar observations that have been made. These observations show that aliens or future people are supporting their descendants by traveling back to the past and exposing them modern technology. Experts agree that the idea of time traveling is possible. To put it mildly, scientific advancements are on the rise, and we could soon be able to create time-traveling robots.

The carving itself is known as “An Enthroned Lady with an Attendant’s Grave Naiskos” and, according to most scholars, it depicts the offering of a very unusual item that seems to look a lot like a laptop.

You can see two holes in the side of her laptop that could be USB ports.

You can find it at the J Paul Getty Museum if you’re actually in California. It is worth visiting, to put it mildly.


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