Decisive Proof that we are Not the First Inhabitants of this Planet and also Not the Last

Despite the fact that modern-day science and history tend to deny the legitimacy of this theory, the truth of the matter is that there’s no doubt about it, we were not the first and we will not be the last inhabitants of this planet, that’s for sure. The most notable civilizations that are believed to have inhabited the land are the following: Lemuria, Hyperborea, and most popular with the mainstream media, Atlantis.

If anyone is willing to deny the existence of these civilizations how can they seriously do so when we know for a fact, and this is even supported by mainstream media as a whole, that one of the oldest civilizations to have ever existed on our planet lived approximately 3 billion years ago in South Africa.

This is supported by the discovery of a special rock near Klerksdorp a whole bunch of weirdly shaped objects were found (some were dick-shaped, some were spherical and some were even hollow on the inside with white inscriptions on them or made out of a weird never seen before sponge material. But it doesn’t stop there, more incredible artifacts were discovered in the 19th century in Dorchester County, Massachusetts that shared similar strange properties.

Strange footprints that date back 500 million years ago, and a shoe that is widely accepted to have been constructed by an intelligent species that lived nearly 300 million years ago.

Last but not least we have the unfathomable proof, aka the artifact that was found in the Partisan region of Primorye. It is a small product made out of crystalline moissanite grains.

This material is extremely difficult to produce even within today’s society, let alone 300 million years ago.

All of these artifacts and more suggest one thing and one thing only, humans are not the first and only civilization to occupy this world, and we won’t be the last one either.

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