The Astonishing Day Extraterrestrials Contacted Nikola Tesla

What seemed to be just a normal day for Nikola Tesla did a full 180 degree turn when he accidentally managed to capture a message from an alien civilization. In 1899, he was testing the transmitter that he built with the intention of tracking down thunderstorms 600 miles away from him but while doing so he captured a sequence of three beats that made no sense to him.

Tesla was a genius, to say the least so after conducting the proper research that a man of his caliber would he concluded that he had accidentally intercepted a message from outer space. He talked about his discovery when interviewed by Collier’s Weekly. During that interview, he stated that the aliens definitely had a message for him, and despite the fact that he wasn’t the one that they were talking to he felt as if he was pressured to answer them.

He couldn’t decipher the message sadly enough, but soon after this discovery was made public and he claimed that he believes in ETs the FBI seized all of the documents of his work and started to dismiss Tesla’s genius

Suddenly only half of his experiments were allowed and a lot of his inventions were credited to others. This was all done in an attempt to discourage him from looking further into his ET theory, that’s for sure.


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