Keanu Reeves Reveals That “Earth is a Prison Planet From Which We Will Never Escape”

Keanu Reeves, who is more than a life personality, is depressed and sometimes fearful of the world we live in these days.

I confirm with him that the World is like a cage without an exit from which we will never run. This is why we have to take care of this world, it is our only home, and it will be our only house for a few thousand years to come.

What are his most recent thoughts:

“I don’t want to be part of a world where a man dresses his wife in a vulgar way only to display what he owns. We live in a world where the sense of honor and integrity is missing, a community in which citizens depend on commitments that are never made. We live in a society where the losers believe they’re good because they drive their father’s vehicles, and fathers never teach their children how to make a living for themselves.

Keanu Reeves

People who say they believe in God never realize what God expects from them. Religion is a mess that confuses people about it. Still, being modest is perceived to be a detriment and not a virtue. True love is long passed, and now love is more about wealth and belongings.

People are devastated by mortgages and loans, and they spend all their life in danger of destroying their homes or their meager fortunes.

Are we mad savage people? Yeah, we are, particularly when 1% of people own 90% of all the world’s money. Were we nuts, ignorant people? Yeah, we are when we spend more resources in guns and useless stuff than in science to eradicate diseases or to train these people and teach them to do something constructive with their lives.

The drug war? C’mon, the CIA is the greatest narcotics trafficker in the country. The security agents know everything about the Mexican or Columbian drug cartels, but the king of the lords is the CIA, and that’s why the drug war is going nowhere “. The media frenzy around Space X made several of us believe it’s possible to escape from Earth and go to Mars, but, um, this is only a fantasy and a media frenzy about an exotic topic, nothing more.

Wake up, fellow humans, we need to confront the challenges of our world and culture and pursue answers like the good beings we pretend to be. As long as emissions and climate change are concerned, I still want to use this example, humanity is now like a drunk man who set fire to his house with him and his family closed inside.

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