Giant UFO Tried to Stop a Powerful Solar Storm Heading for Earth

Even though weird things happen regularly, we never predicted things would get this bizarre. NASA has found a brand new discovery that, to say the least, seems a little too weird.


A large UFO was seen passing through the space between the Earth and the Sun while observing the scene. Furthermore, according to its official pronouncements, this UFO was not even remotely paying attention to us; instead, it was simply going about its business while trying to dodge a powerful solar storm heading our way.


Following the release of these images to the public, SOHO took immediate steps to ensure nothing leaked. All images were quickly removed and all six solar observatories around the world were shut down.


By doing this, they ensured that no one in the world would ever know the real story. Even though it was a tragic day, it quickly brought about why we are so against authority in our society. Check out the video below; unlike NASA every tuesday they are really interested in telling you the truth instead of simply forcing you to believe what they want you to think.

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