Former NASA Employee Says: “I Saw Photos Of The Moon With Pyramids And Highly Advanced Objects”

The world needs to know the truth regarding the presence of stunning pyramidal structures on the Moon, which were most likely created by alien cultures.

For many years, the space agencies of the world’s great powers have kept a deafening silence on this reality, but thankfully, a group of former NASA engineers published a series of eye-opening images that revealed the extraordinary mysteries that lie beneath these alien pyramids, which are linked to humanity’s deepest secrets.

The US government treats this type of information with a high level of secrecy known as Cosmic Top Secret, to the point where astronomers, astronauts, and other NASA employees sign an oath of confidentiality under the threat of being charged with treason against the country if they fail to keep their word.

This is a severe offense that might result in death. However, in recent times, a group of prominent US space agency officials have taken a step forward, namely, to break the pact of silence imposed by management and the power system, by publishing a series of photographs in which impressive buildings erected on the moon, very similar to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, can be seen.

The first to speak was in front of an audience.

Former NASA consultant Dr. Ken Johnston claims to have seen numerous authentic images of many ruins, pyramids, and very complex technical things discovered on the Moon.

Images like this place serious doubt on some of NASA’s public photographs from the previous 50 years, and they definitely support Johnston’s and other scientists’ claims of a large and permanent cover of extraterrestrial constructions on the Moon.


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