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The ‘UFOs’ are not of Chinese origin, according to Biden

President Joe Biden appeared before the media on Thursday, February 16, to explain that there is no evidence that the three “unidentified objects” that the Air Force shot down over the weekend are in any way related to China’s spy program. 

We have cleared up a mystery. They are not Chinese spy balloons . President  Xi Jinpin was not lying at the start of this crisis.

Biden assured that the three flying devices (at no time did he refer to balloons) possibly belonged to private companies and were doing investigative work , without there being any evidence that they were linked to the Chinese “spy” balloon that the Air Force fighters shot down on February 4 off the coast of South Carolina. 

Biden vowed to shoot down any ‘object’ that posed a threat

“If an object represents a threat to the security of the American people, I will demolish it,” he asserted forcefully, to silence the criticism from Republicans who accused him of lukewarmness . The president of the United States added that he had no evidence that there was an increase in the presence of these objects in the airspace “but we have adjusted the function of our radars.” 

This contrasts with the last report presented in Congress in which there was talk of an exponential growth in the cases of UAP sightings , up to 510 records. 

Biden presented the Nation with three guidelines for the future: On the one hand, improve the ability to detect UAP unidentified aerial objects, update the rules to monitor this type of artifact, and that the Secretary of State will be in charge of directing a group to establish rules. 

He also referred to the FBI analysis task at Quantico , which analyzes the downed balloon in South Carolina, to say that there is no relevant information yet, and announced that he plans to speak with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on the matter. 

Last night, the Onda Cero program , El Colegio Invisible dedicated a monograph to this issue of the “UFOs” shot down.

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