Two UFOs were captured in the Supermoon video, flying over the moon’s surface.

What lies in the background of the story

The apparent footage was posted to Live Leak with an initial intention just to make a record of the “Super Moon.”

However, during the course of doing it, the witnesses spotted two objects dropping a shade on the Moon’s surface. What did the witnesses report?

One of the witnesses said he didn’t have a clue what the object passing over the Moon and mirroring its shadow could actually be. Moreover, he stated he only intended to film the Supermoon when he noticed the anomaly.

Are there any rational explanations? Having a very great zoom on the Moon’s surface is fogging anything rather close to the camera lens. Still, this does not exclude either a satellite above the Earth’s atmosphere either a lunar inquiry in orbit around the Moon.

Other Super Moon Sightings Rich, from LooknowTV, posted a video in which he scrutinizes a few footage taken the night the Super Moon occurred. The video’s description on YouTube was: “5 Best UFO SUPER MOON Sightings Caught On Camera! A few days ago everyone was out recording a video of the Supermoon. I wanted to take at some of the best most credible UFO Supermoon videos. I also wanted to talk about the UFO Supermoon video that went viral fast thanks to online Tabloid attention. Let’s take a closer look!”

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