A Pentagon Insider Revealed Annunaki Alien Gods Will Return Soon

 The Anunnaki are alien gods who guided ancient civilizations towards the heights they reached. Since then, people have found traces of their existence and alleged messages from these aliens about who they are.

While some believe they left Earth thousands of years ago, a Pentagon source claims we’ll meet them again soon.

According to a Pentagon source, the Anunnaki are returning to Earth. Stan Deyo claims that the ancient Sumerian gods are returning to our world. Once they do, we need to be prepared to receive them.

The Anunnaki are associated with comets Ison and Encke. While most celestial objects are only given a code to recognize them, people wonder why these two comets deserve a name. And some suspect it is the work of the Anunnaki. One of the main leaders of the Anunnaki is known as Anu. This alien god is often linked with the name “on”.

This is probably why people think Ison was named after him. Some even assume that this comet is Anu’s personal space shuttle.


1 A Pentagon Insider Revealed That Annunaki Alien Gods Will Return Soon

On the other hand, Encke is associated with another Sumerian god. This Anunnaki goes by the name of Ea. It could also be why our planet is commonly known as Earth. Encke, or Enki, is associated with craftsmanship, mischief, intelligence, water, and the power of creation.

Some people believe that the Annunaki will soon return and that it was they who helped create humans. The Pentagon has always been a hoax of conspiracy theories. Now, a member of the Pentagon has revealed some truths about the Annunaki and humanity.

Turns out they were born on Earth and not from another planet! In fact, we share 78% of our DNA with them because they are responsible for creating humans as well as most life on Earth.

The Annunaki are said to be a group of gods who descended from heaven and came to Earth to create humans. They were said to be taller than humans, with very white skin and black hair. Thousands of years ago, these alien gods left Earth for what appears to be another planet or dimension.


In an interview with Russia’s NTV News, he revealed that these ‘gods’ will soon return at a time when our planet needs them the most.

He then went on to say that the real threat to our planet is not war or nuclear weapons, but global warming and ‘ecological catastrophe’. He believes that the Annunaki will not only teach us how to get rid of ecological catastrophe on Earth, but also how humanity can survive in space.

colonizing the moon and Mars. The Annunaki would also be able to help us in our fight against terrorism by giving us extraterrestrial weapons that we could use to confront ISIS, Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. He went on to say that if we really think about it, it makes a lot of sense that humans would merge with technology. He said it was inevitable “because our consciousness is rising” and “let’s transcend this reality and move into a new one”. and “taking control of our own destinies”.

In recent years, people across the world have reported seeing a string of abnormalities in the sky. While most interpreted this as a sign of the existence of UFOs, others suspect it to be the work of ancient Sumerian gods, especially since there were no stars or planets in the sky where these abnormalities were found.

Also, the objects they saw in the sky could instantly change their surroundings.


2 A Pentagon Insider Revealed That Annunaki Alien Gods Will Return Soon

If these abnormalities were caused by Anunnaki spacecraft, it is reasonable to assume that governments will withhold this information, especially if these ‘comets’ are approaching our planet.

3 A Pentagon Insider Revealed The Annunaki Alien Gods Will Return Soon

However, this is just keeping us ignorant.

But with this revelation from the Pentagon, we now have a chance to prepare for the return of the Anunnaki.


Want to learn more about these Sumerian alien gods? You can watch these videos to help you get started.

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