Justin Bieber Showed His Alien Reptilian Identity In Australia (video)

It seems that more and more people are aware of the reality they live in. Now they are able to see shape-shifting reptilians when they change their form. It seems that 4G and 5G technology is quite harmful to these creatures since they cannot keep their human disguise because of the high frequency of these technologies. Justin Bieber, one of the most famous artists of our generation is considered one of the most prominent young members of the Illuminati.

Bieber supposedly is a reptilian who can change his appearance. Many of his fans had the privilege – or the misfortune – to witness how Bieber transformed into the creature he really is, while he was getting off an airplane in Australia. His fans started to yell and scream. Throngs and throngs of people started running around as the spectacle they’d just witnessed lived the hell out of them. Apart from that incident, many other people saw him near the Leederville skate park in a white T-shirt and shorts. He was accompanied by his bodyguard. Many fans tried to take some pictures of him while in his reptilian form, however, the bodyguard threatened them violently.

According to testimonies, Bieber has green claws and scaled skin. He was also accompanied by another reptilian female a little taller than him. According to experts in conspiracies and secret organizations, Bieber is a member of the Babylonian Brotherhood, a group of shape-shifting reptilians members of the Illuminati. What do you think about this? Have a look at the video.

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