Alien Asked A Mexican Farmer To Build A Pyramid In The Desert Of Coahuila, Mexico

A Mexican peasant has claimed that he built a pyramid in the desert under the orders of Herulayka, an alien from a faraway place.

Mundo Corona, a peasant who was looking for answers in the glow of the stars, built a stone pyramid because an alien asked for a temple to test his faith, advising him:

“…That neither the winds nor the gales move it. And may she always be upright, because all good things emanate from above… ”.

Mundo Corona affirms I remembered what the Indians here said, that the priests spoke with the gods, so I thought: ‘This is a God that the Indians spoke of.’ But the apparition understood what he thought, answering.

I am not a God, I am a man like you, the same importance that you have, I have. I tell you that the being that formed this nebula, when he spoke, new universes were born, just like when you speak.

Mundo Corona, a skinny and tiny farmer, with skin tanned by the sun; So he was 33 years old, he had just been the father of a girl, and that man talked about many things that he could not understand, taking him to the place where the construction had to be built.

That’s how I want your faith to be, to always be on top. The temple will have the shape of a pyramid, and it will be made of stone. That’s why I want your faith to never be broken.

And what’s your name?

I won’t tell you until you become aware, until you understand. Many will mock, slander. They will say: ‘It was crazy or drunk, it was a vision of this madman, or this drug addict.’ I tell you that a person’s name represents something more than his body, than his soul and his spirit. It is the essence that dwells in man. One day I will tell you my name.

And where do you come from?

Why do you care so much about where I come from? Worry about yourself, but I’ll tell you. I come from the constellation Orion, from a place called Nephilin. It is a place 20 times bigger than the earth. There is a lot of similarity with human beings.

It was thus that Raymundo Salomón Corona Villarreal, Mundo, a man born into a family of peasants, knew something that was not of the earth, beginning to build a stone pyramid seven meters high in the common land of Pozuelos de Arriba, very close to Monclova, but closer to the municipality of Frontera, ten kilometers from the Carlos Salinas de Gortari bypass, in the state of Coahuila.

And far, far away from the place where the creature that asked to look closely at the stars came from because they had all been made for him.


The inhabitants of Pozuelos de Arriba had had the opportunity to observe flying devices floating in the desert, over the mountains; hidden in the clouds Somehow they had gotten used to the presence of fireballs that they called witches. One night in November 1984, Mundo Corona was working on well number 1 of SIMAS, an organization that supplies water to the region, where he worked for forty years managing water pumps.

The night was one of those that abound in the area, monotonous, suffocating; interrupted by howling coyotes and blinking fireflies. She heard a knock on the door, asked: “Who is it? What are you doing?”.

He came to think that it was a neighbor, someone from the town who kicked the door open. He was a tall man, with honey-colored eyes and white hair that fell to the floor; he wore a robe tied with a rope and bare feet. His first words were sad, reflective.

Did you forget about me so soon?

– Who are you? If I had seen you before, I would never have forgotten you. You have the body of an athlete, plus your face is that of a very handsome man.

Did you forget about me so soon? Don’t you remember when your girl was born?

Mundo Corona remembered that it was the same man he had met in a nightmare, and he ran scared through the night, skipping stones and dodging bushes. A hundred meters away he thought about why he was running. Maybe it was another nightmare? A bad dream; an inconsistent view. He returned to the place, there he was: waiting. Astonished he touched arms, face; legs. He repeated: “… It’s a dream and I couldn’t wake up…”.

You are not dreaming, you have not experienced reality as it is now. You are not dreaming. I’ve come to ask you a favor,” she interrupted.

_I owe you a favor, in that nightmare you did me a great favor.

I want you to build a temple and its total volume will be 108 meters, you are going to calculate its height and its base, it must be in the shape of a pyramid .

Mundo Corona said that he was raised taking care of cows and goats, he had studied up to the sixth year of primary school. What he asked for was something impossible because it involved mathematical calculations, planning.

«What you don’t know, ask, even the most inept has something to teach you.

Ask yourself why the leaves on the trees move. One day you are going to extract from your genetic system a knowledge that you have been storing for thousands of years. I tell you that you are like the universe itself. You are not different. Get to know yourself, where you come from, why you are here. More importantly, where are you going to go.”

The world’s plea

By the second half of 1983, Mundo Corona had gone through difficult times because she worked at night at the water well, she had to milk the cattle before daylight, she took care of her children, and Alma Rosa was about to give birth again. The hours of sleep practically did not exist, and he began to see a man sitting on top of a cloud that called his name.

On November 9, his wife had labor pains. He took her to the Social Security Clinic in Frontera, and somehow she finally had a moment of pause waiting for the birth of her daughter. Drowsiness slowly washed over him in the emergency room, he closed his eyes and recognized the room where his wife was lying. Next to her, the body of a person covered in a black robe. When he turned her face was a skull, he said that he had come for the woman and the girl.

Mundo Corona begged, he knelt down so that this would not happen, he asked that he be the one to die. The skull replied that he couldn’t do anything, but someone upstairs could help him. He observed a ladder that reached up to the clouds, he ran up and came to a room where there was a man sitting on a chair. He begged to help him, the man answered.

— Why do you ask nonsense, why do you not agree with what you should be, you have to know that what is written is written for a reason.

To his right he opened a door, a woman dressed in a blue tunic came out, she wore a cap on her head and emanated a blinding light. She said, “Lord, forgive him.” The man thought for several minutes.

— Well, so be it, but don’t forget to ask for nonsense again. Go with your wife, your wife is going to have a girl and by her name you will name her Aglael. And her godmother is going to be death.

When he woke up, he found out that he had been unconscious for several hours. And at 01:30 in the morning Maria Aglael was born.

The one who loves freely

The world that Mundo Corona inhabited was falling apart. Many saw flying devices in the sky, few believed in the existence of an apparition from another galaxy that required a construction of something they didn’t even know about in the northern desert.

They often asked what the apparition was called, who was it that spoke of the universe and its stars. In one of many visits, the alien grabbed a stone from the ground, with his fingers he drew a shape similar to a snake that did not stick, and asked to decipher its traces. By the time he understood, he would know his name. Mundo only showed the stone to anyone who asked for more details. One day, he interrupted.

You no longer need to tell me your name.

I know you already know who I am, my companions call me Herulayka: the one who loves freely, the one who loves freely, that’s my name,” he replied.

Then Mundo began to tell of a Herulayca, coming from a very, very distant place called Nefilin, belonging to the Orion constellation , of a copper color that perched on the clouds, traveled in a ship and asked for a temple in the shape of a pyramid.

In that coming and going of curious people in time, seven boys arrived in Pozuelos de Arriba, and were amazed by the stories of Mundo Corona; by the lights in the sky that saw in the dark.

Everyone had the opportunity to learn, to seek and be someone different. We searched in infinity. We couldn’t see anything except the stars.

They also managed to see a man with eyes like the flames of the sun who perched on the clouds, and was transported in a ship with a glass dome and whose solid floor became crystalline.

I would like you to listen to those who saw it, some were traumatized. They called him ‘The Giant’, everyone looked at him according to the state of consciousness he was in, there were some who told me: ‘When you’re with him you don’t speak Spanish, you speak in another language that we don’t understand.’ I don’t know another language but the one I understand little. I grew up raising goats and cows. ‘No, they are wrong,’ he would tell them.


It was eleven o’clock at night in the summer of 1988. A group of eight friends, most of them students from Justo Sierra High School, in Monclova, were listening to the stories of Mundo Corona, shelling corn in the facilities of the SIMAS well.

There was only moonlight, the noise of branches in the wind. What seemed to be silence was interrupted by a clear, melodic voice that blended with the air: “…Raymundooo… Raymundooo…”

 You are privileged because you are going to see what no one has seen,” he warned.

The sky was cloudy, where the pyramid is now built there was a stick stuck into the solid earth. At the top of a post was a man suspended in the air. He sounded like a pissed off swarm of bees.

Herulayka was a normal person, long hair, beard, robe and sword. Her little ship was hidden behind the clouds — one of those boys from that time told.

He began to visit Pozuelos de Arriba because he went out with his friends to hunt rabbits in a dilapidated truck. The road was loose earth, in the surrounding towns they talked about alien ships in the vicinity.

We were 18 years old, they said that UFOs appeared over there. We started talking to Mundo Corona, we became friends. We went Tuesday and Saturday for three years. He told us about what Herulayka told him. Mundo said: ‘Zero cigarettes, zero beer.’ He used to talk less, he said that people are bad by nature.

Despite the years that have passed, he continues to visit Pozuelos de Arriba, now he is an active Federal Police, his brother, a commercial lawyer, also accompanied him.

Mundo left me stunned because the man has a very nice vibe. We arrived at eight at night and left at two in the morning. When we saw that entity called Herulayka, it was as if floating in the air, its face could not be seen. We were all very nervous, almost crying. Mundo spoke another language.

In the group there was a boy who did not believe in Mundo Corona, rather he only believed in what his eyes observed. That night he was stunned. His life changed, from being a joker and playful, he became gloomy.

As a result of this situation we had problems at school, with our parents. It was something that was beyond the reach of our minds. Some were upset. Whenever we talk about it when we get together, they get upset, some drink alcohol to forget those details.

The message

herulayka said:

«Do not despair because if one day you find yourself alone, remember this: If in a million years one listens to you, you are like the diamond itself that spreads the light of knowledge. What we want is for them to realize what a terrible thing they are doing in this place called earth, and that they should take care of her like the apple of her eye because she gives them what they need to live. They must be aware that they are a replica of the earth and the entire universe. All this that I have told you, tell others. It is necessary for man to know that he is taking the wrong path, and they are taking the knowledge to create weapons ».

rebuilding the earth

Herulayka took Mundo’s head in her hand. And Mundo had a vision:

…There was a terrible war that tormented me. Something had gone out of control, all the atoms of the species, stones, sea and dust increased enormous temperatures. This was destroying everything in its path, destroying everything. And he saw how the heat wave burned children and women; he saw how they writhed; pieces of meat fell off.

The earth became like when mountains burn, the whole earth was covered in smoke and it was a night of death: I began to think: ‘Why didn’t we start to see the chaos we were causing to the earth, the suffering’ . In that darkness I saw moving lights: they were naked men and women. Others came from above, came down and talked to them, they came together and they were rivers of lights in the dark.

I saw a portion of land that had remained intact: men reproduced and restructured the land, which once again took on its splendor and its beautiful formation. I saw that the earth was filled with people, men were flying from above. People followed them like swarms…”

 And where are these going? Why didn’t anything happen to them? World asked.

Because they had full knowledge. Do you think you can populate everything? I tell you that the one who did these things, when he speaks he makes new universes, everything is for you, do the right thing.


Sunset in Pozuelos de Arriba, the place where people come and go. Mundo picks nuts from the ground, the wind makes the branches roar more than a hundred feet high, rays of sunlight filter through. Two of his sixteen grandchildren (and two great-grandchildren) play on the floor, run, shout, see the sky about to be loaded with stars.

And Mundo Corona is confident that on three occasions he has been on the verge of dying, the last one due to cancer that has invaded his body and he has him undergoing constant medical check-ups.

Sometimes in my states of terminal consciousness I felt happy because I said: ‘What Herulayka told me is not going to come true.’ There is nothing more terrible than the foolishness of man, in his arrogance that he does not look when doing things.

It seems that Mundo is going to recount a certain Herulayka (that’s the name of one of the grandchildren, son of María Aglael), the one who came from Nefilin and landed on a cloud; the one who appeared on a moonless night and gazed at the earth with eyes like the flames of the sun; and he asked for a stone pyramid seven meters high in the desert: in Pozuelos de Arriba, the one after Pozuelos de Abajo.

… The wind interrupts everything, leaves fall from the trees. There is some humidity; insect flashes in the dark. Calm; something that seems silent.

You feel it? It is God who is caressing you. I just want to live what life lets me live. Dad used to say: ‘How sad that I’m going to die because I’m just beginning to understand life.’



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