Former CIA Director Believes In UFOs & His Friend’s Aircraft Stopped At 40,000 Feet In The Air

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA is one of the secretive agencies that has access to highly classified information that the world cannot even imagine. Whether it is about Russian spies, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or UFOs, the CIA has control over everything. They are also very good at manipulating the facts and evidence, but sometimes the truth finds its way to show up.

Former CIA director R. James Woolsey

The former CIA director named R. James Woolsey, who ran the agency from 1993 to 1995, has recently spoken about the most classified cases in the history of the United States. In an interview with the Black Vault, Woosley said that a lot of examination is going on the UFOs over years. He also shared one incident that happened to one of his friends, when his aircraft paused at 40,000 feet and stopped operating as a normal machine.

“But there was one case in which a friend of mine was able to have his aircraft stop at 40,000 feet or so and not continue operating as a normal aircraft,” Woolsey said. He was invited by the host of Black Vault on his YouTube channel, where he discussed the instances from his newly released book “Operation Dragon: Inside the Kremlin’s Secret War on America.” He talked about the Russian involvement in the continuation of the cold war, then he was asked about the assassination of JFK and also discussed the UFOs.

“I’m not as skeptical as I was a few years ago, to put it mildly. But something is going on that is surprising to a series of intelligent aircraft, experienced pilots,” he said. “And we will just have to see what it is.”

When a civilian sees the UFO, nobody cares about it, but things get serious when a triangle-shaped UFO is flying above the army. The Pentagon again leaked shocking footage of pyramid-shaped UFO, hovering 700 feet above a Navy destroyer, taken by naval officers using a night vision device. According to the American documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, the video was shot from the USS Russell.

Three pyramid-shaped objects hovering 700 feet above a Navy destroyer Image Credit: @JeremyCorbell

“They made sure in this classified briefing, they made a great distinction that this is not something that we own either a black project, this is not something of a foreign military, that these were behaving in ways that we did not expect. And that they were you know shaped non aerodynamically. Like pyramids, these are flying pyramids,” Corbell said.


Since the beginning of 2021, the Pentagon has been actively sharing the images and videos of UFOs, taken in the last two decades by naval and army officers after the Trump administration asked the Pentagon and spy agencies what they know about UFOs.

In the past, there were several officials who worked with the CIA and even held a high position in the agency talked about UFOs and alien encounters. One of the weird and shocking claims came from the ex-CIA pilot John Lear who said that Earth is a space prison and unlocked several moon mysteries. He also noted that in the universe, there are still a lot of inhabited planets of different levels of development. Besides, he said that NASA sent its astronauts to Mars in 1966.

Then comes Derrel Sims, a former CIA operative who investigated more than 2000 cases that involve alien abductions. He said that he knows seven types of humanoids, among which there are grays and other creatures that, according to their external data, are very similar to humans. Moreover, Derrel claims that some of the aliens were created on our planet with human DNA. He added that when he had been a CIA agent, he had access to highly classified information. He only investigated 2000 cases but thinks there are millions of people who are abducted every year.

There is no explanation for the rise of UFO sightings since the last year, but Woosley hopes that if humans ever make contact with extraterrestrials, it will be a friendly meeting.

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