NASA Released Pictures of Alien Towers on Mars and Censored the Photographs Soon After

Recently, a series of images snapped on Mars showing alien towers on its surface. The concern is that now NASA continues to recognize their presence, which may mean that they are attempting to censor their existence for whatever excuse.

This finding was initially made by Jose Luis Camacho back in 1999, and according to him, each of these pillars is at least 3500-5000 feet tall.

If you didn’t already realize this, this will make these Martian Towers double the scale of the biggest buildings that mankind has ever created

This may be attributed to the change in gravity on Mars, causing the colonists to erect their buildings higher up to provide more stability.

These towers were first found in an area known as Terra Meridiani, which ended up being the first region in which NASA decided to displace the rover.

If this has not updated at all and is actually evidence of alien operation, so this will allow the finding of the conclusive proof of alien life forms on Mars and, in particular, of NASA shielding the facts from us.

As stated earlier, shortly after this finding, NASA made these images vanish entirely, possibly to conceal the facts. However, this is also further evidence that reinforces the theory that, after all, there is life on the Red Planet.

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