The ancient fallen angels from the ‘Book of Enoch’ are actually trapped in Antarctica and are still alive

Few people know that “The Book of Enoch” is part of Ethiopian texts and even was part of Qumran society, despite not being considered part of the Bible in either Christianity or Judaism.

Israel News Live released a report on March 14 titled “The Fallen Angels Trapped in Antarctica and Still Alive.”

The commentator was Steven Ben-Nun, who reviewed Enoch’s experience in “The Book of Enoch”, in which he was transported to heaven to play a vital role.

Enoch’s function was to arbitrate between “the fallen angels” and “the right angels”. These angels worked for a god known only as “The Lord”.

The fallen angels caused the wars by interbreeding with humans, doing genetic experiments on humans, and giving people information and technology that was previously off-limits to humans who were still developing civilizations.

The arrival of 200 fallen angels to Mount Hermon, which is now very close to Lebanon and Syria, is mentioned at the beginning of “The Book of Enoch”. The residents of the region have been genetically modified by the fallen angels.

6.1 And it came to pass that increasing the number of the offspring of men, they began to have beautiful and lovely girls.

6.2 Angels, sons of heaven, saw them and wished them good luck. “Come, let us choose women for us, children of men, and let us beget children for ourselves,” they said to one another.

6.6 There were two hundred people and they came down from the top of Mount Hermon, Ardis. And they summoned the mountain of Hermon, for there they swore and cursed one another.

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