Extraterrestrial Appears in a Skype Chat and Tries to Communicate (video)

The Skype conversation that was screen-recorded by a group of friends captures the face of an “alien being” as one of the video cameras turns itself on and off, interrupting the camera’s live stream.

It is currently unclear whether Skype communication has been hacked by a hacker, but Skype claims that all conversations are encrypted. Was this simply a prank or an actual alien encounter?

It’s time to disclose the truth and whose identity has been hidden all along. I hope this gives some people peace. One of the guys involved in that Skype video chat explains:

“The convo was recorded by my friend in Belgium. Stan Romanek was on the line when the camera showed the alien. It is genuine as it is being recorded. Either it was a hoax perpetrated by some sort of hack or a real real alien encounter. I will never know.”

The man goes on to explain that his friend Romanek claimed he didn’t feel any glitches with the camera and when the Alien appeared on his live stream, his camera was working normally because he could see himself on camera.

“I filmed the monitor because at the time I didn’t know how to record on the screen. After that incident, many others followed, including female calls that you can also hear in the video below.


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