Man Worked For Pentagon Confessed On Camera: ‘We Have Downed UFOs Of Alien Origin’

The US government has passed legislation protecting government whistleblowers, including those who may have information on UFOs. The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), headed by Director Sean M. Kirkpatrick, is responsible for fielding these whistleblower reports. Kirkpatrick is set to answer questions during a hearing with the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, and the public is closely watching to see how he responds. While some commentators praise Kirkpatrick’s performance, others criticize it.

There is speculation that whistleblowers have gathered information on legacy UFO government programs, but it remains to be seen if their testimony will successfully uncover these programs, causing UFO disclosure or making it public. Dr. Colm Kelleher, a former manager of a secret Pentagon UFO program and author of Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, has made claims regarding downed UFO craft that could provide important information to AARO and others.

There is no doubt in the credibility of Dr. Kelleher. He is a biochemist with a background in cell and molecular biology. He has worked in various research institutions and works at the National Institute of Discovery Science, where he applies forensic science techniques to investigate scientific anomalies.

Dr. Kelleher told Newstalk Breakfast that he stumbled upon a unique job advertisement in a scientific magazine seeking scientists interested in studying the origin and research of consciousness of the universe. He accepted the position and led a team of 50 people investigating UFOs in the US and Brazil. The program, which was top secret and funded by the Defence Intelligence Agency for $22 million, resulted in 104 technical reports on UFOs. The program only became public when the New York Times broke an article about it in 2017.

Dr. Kelleher stated that they had no interest in finding extraterrestrial life. Instead, they focused on documenting the UAP’s behavior and technology using photography and video. He explains what they found: “The technology these objects displayed: they outclassed the best F18 fighters in our arsenal.”

“They outperformed everything we had, so it was pretty obvious these were not United States technology, Chinese technology, or Russian technology. So we did know that they were from somewhere else. But in terms of little green men or aliens, we have no idea of who or why these objects are in United States airspace.”

In the latest Weaponized podcast episode with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, Dr. Kelleher confidently said that the UFOs are real. He admitted that they have downed UFOs from unknown origins and that they have been trying to reverse engineer and exploit those technologies in order to understand their physics.

In the interview, Corbell asked Dr. Kelleher if the UFOs are real, and he immediately said “Yes.” He continued: “UFOs are technologically sophisticated. They have performance characteristics that are, you know, the five observables are well-documented. But they also have a very profound effect on some people, or they have superficial effects on other people, but they do have effects on people. So going forward is to combine both of those, is to study UFO performance, and, you know, the hope is that out of UFO performance can come theoretical physics which will eventually translate into engineering.”

Dr. Kelleher discusses the possibility that UFOs are interacting with planet Earth because of the presence of humans. He suggests that it is unlikely that UFOs are only focusing on non-human life forms such as marsupials or trees, and that they are more likely to be interested in interacting with humans, who are the dominant species on the planet. This leads to the hypothesis that humanity itself is the focus of the interaction between these unknown entities that we call UFOs, as other intelligent beings are believed to be operating these objects.

He then discusses the vast number of UFO sightings globally, which implies that interactions with humans are important and produce something that the UFOs need or are interested in. He argues that it is unlikely that the hundreds of thousands or even millions of sightings that have occurred over the last 77 years since 1945 are random events that are passing through and just being in the right place at the right time. Instead, Dr. Kelleher suggests there is more to it than that, as the sheer number of sightings implies that interactions with humans are somehow important and produce something that the UFOs need or are interested in.

Dr. Kelleher also notes that the incidents of the Skinwalker Ranch are emblematic of this whole thing, as they demonstrate how human perception can be altered during UFO interactions, which may affect human consciousness.

He shares the incident with six individuals at Skinwalker Ranch, who all saw completely different things through their night vision binoculars during a UFO sighting. This incident is used as a metaphor to suggest that human perception is altered in many cases as a result of or during UFO interactions. He proposes that maybe human perception as it pertains to human consciousness is one of the objectives where the UFO phenomenon somehow interacts with human consciousness for a purpose, though he admits that they do not know what that purpose is.

From Mystery Wire, In an exclusive interview with Dr. Colm Kelleher: (Source)

Well, I was hired in November of 2008. The AAWSAP program ran from September 2008 to late 2010. So one of the first tasks that I had coming on board was to put together a team of UFO focused investigators as quickly as possible. So I was thinking back on this and between November 2008, and probably April 2009, I personally conducted about 300 telephone interviews in an attempt to recruit different people for different positions at AAWSAP. In addition, I did at least 100, face to face interviews in my office in that period of time. So we’re talking about a pretty rapid clip in terms of bringing forth a lot of people into the office, sometimes there were one or two people outside.

But our focus was in hiring a team of PhD level scientists, that would include physics and biology, master’s level scientists, technicians, we also looked for database analysts, and military intelligence personnel who had a long history investigative background. And of course, we also were looking for a lot of security officers, because security was a big issue. Interestingly, one of our program managers was a 20 year veteran of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, also known as AFOSI. And this guy was very, very seasoned investigator. And he helped us a lot in what turned out to be attempted formation of a relationship with AFOSI, which is discussed in the book. But all of this hiring and recruitment occurred within a four or five month period.

I think by the end of May of 2009, we had a team of about 50 people. And George, when you consider that this was a 24 month contract, so not only were we putting together the security infrastructure of this of this large organization, and that included facility security clearances, getting everything up to a level that was sufficient for inspections, but hiring these people, training all of these different people. And then we executed multiple programs side by side. And all of this happened in a 24 month period. So we were on a pretty rapid clip. And I would say, I’ve worked with government organizations in the past, NASA and DoD in other capacities, and putting that kind of level of activity together in a 24 month period, I think was pretty extraordinary. And, obviously, Dr. Lacatski, his input in Washington, DC, and greasing the wheels to make all of this happen, putting together a pretty large organization that was focused only on UFO investigations. That was the key.

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