Apollo astronaut Al Worden claims that humans are the real aliens who arrived on Earth in a spaceship

As someone who has been in space and flown around the moon 75 times, Al Worden confidently says that humans are real aliens.

Al Worden said live on UK TV that we arrived on Earth in a small craft, but the whereabouts of that craft remain unknown. He says this with a knowing smile, as if he knows the big picture.

The ancient Sumerians are specifically mentioned because they were one of the first civilizations to document their interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

It is important to consider the evidence supporting the theory that humans are aliens on Earth. The advanced technology and knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians suggest that they may have had outside help. His advanced knowledge of astronomy, technology, and writing styles came from somewhere else fully developed.

Furthermore, the similarities between ancient structures found around the world, such as the pyramids, suggest shared knowledge between these civilizations.

Imagine: if an intelligent extraterrestrial species briefly visited Earth once every 15,000 years or so, there would be no way for us to know today. After all, the oldest writing only dates back to 3400 BC, so if aliens landed and made a few quick stops before then, we wouldn’t be the wiser.

While Warden’s statements may seem far-fetched, they raise interesting questions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and our origins. 

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