Investigation of the Gray Alien Interrogation Video

Jon Stewart has devoted over two decades of his life to relentlessly seeking the truth behind an intriguing VHS tape. In it, it is possible to observe the interrogation of an alien being, known asGrey Alien, which would have been captured around the year 1991.

Investigation of the 1996 Alien Gray interrogation video

Since the release of the VHS tape in 1996, Jon Stewart was immediately captivated by the realistic depiction of the Gray Alien, piquing his curiosity about the veracity of that recording. Determined to find answers, he turned to video and animation experts, who found no evidence of forgery.

Upon digging deeper, Stewart uncovered a list of doctors and military personnel directly involved in the interrogation and had a chance to speak with several of them. Furthermore, he discovered that a group of military members connected to the mysterious S-4 facility, located in Area 51, was behind the video leak.

With all this information in hand, Jon Stewart came to the conclusion that the tape is authentic and that it was released by an insider known as Victor.

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