Italian Man Took Photos Of Aliens From Planet Clarion, Located 150,000 Light-Years From Earth

In September 1981, an Italian guy from Vercelli claimed to have been abducted by aliens from the planet Clarion. The planet is 150,000 light-years away from Earth, in the Eagle galaxy.

Maurizio Cavallo, 68, is a journalist, scientist, and former professor at the University of Eastern Piedmont. He has spoken at several international conferences (Lyon, Cattolica, Marseille, and others).

At a meeting in Turin, Italy in 2012, he publicly discussed alien entities. He referred to them as our forefathers, cosmic protectors, rainbow lords, and universe caretakers.

Cavallo had his first contact encounter when he was seven years old, but it was deleted from his memory. When he was abducted by aliens and taken to a hidden base in the Amazon forest in 1981, he remembered his first interaction with them through neural holograms when he was a child.

He claimed that aliens exist indefinitely and originate from the primary source of life, which is where eternity is formed. He didn’t specify what type of source he was referring to.

Cavallo said he had been kidnapped multiple times. Aliens have revealed startling facts about the cosmos to him, and he is attempting to communicate them to the general public.

He claimed that aliens revealed numerous secrets about the construction of the universe to him in his book “Beyond Heaven; At the Sources of Time; Shines from the Abyss.” They told him, for example, that the solar system has 12 planets rather than 9, and that the space known to mankind is the most common particle in the universe.

Cavallo said that he had been kidnapped by humanoids on several occasions and learned that aliens possess unrivaled strength, longevity, and exquisite beauty. They are, in general, significantly different from people.

Maurizio Cavallo said at the press conference:

“I never ventured to call myself a star peoples’ envoy or even an ambassador; I never believed I was chosen, elect, or predestined.” Indeed, there are occasions when I wonder why what I went through, which I tried to explain with intellectual honesty and humility, happened to me.”

Cavallo claimed to have captured aliens on camera multiple times. He characterized them as having a similar appearance to ourselves, but with somewhat distinct facial features.

Such claims drew a lot of backlashes, and many people believe the photographs of aliens with human faces were manipulated.

Despite this, the Italian author was unaffected by the criticism. He said the photographs did not support his claim that he had made contact with an extraterrestrial society.

“It is not vital for me to be believed or to offer any evidence to back what is narrated,” he concluded, “since what I have experienced belongs wholly to me.”

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