NASA Whistleblowers: “Alien Cities Exist on the Moon”

A former NASA employee in the data and photo control department manager named Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions, was fired for telling the truth.

Ken Johnston stated that NASA knows that astronauts have discovered ancient alien cities and the remains of incredibly advanced machines on the Moon. Some of these technologies can manipulate gravity.

He claims the agency ordered the cover-up and forced him to participate.

Ken Johnston
Ken Johnston

In recent years, other scientists, technicians and engineers have also accused NASA of covering up and hiding data.

The growing number of allegations by prosecutors range from withholding information about anomalous space objects and lying about the discovery of artifacts on the surface of the Moon and Mars, to denying evidence of life reported by the Viking probe in the mid-1970s.

According to Johnston, the Apollo astronauts brought back photographic evidence of artifacts found during their extravehicular activities (Eve: extravehicular activities) on the moon. Johnston claimed that NASA ordered the EVA footage destroyed while he was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), but he refused.

When he went public, the Space Agency fired him.

Kay Ferrari, JPL SSA Program Director

In a press release, Kay Ferrari, director of JPL ‘s SSA program    , explained why she asked Johnston to resign: He had publicly criticized his employer.

Johnston refused to offer his resignation, he was summarily dismissed without cause.

After his abrupt departure, he indicated that he was fed up and tired of the US government sitting on the test for over four decades, evidence that ancient alien cities exist on the Moon.

“I have nothing to lose,” he said. “I argued with NASA and got them to shoot me.”

Russian Lunik 13 photo of an artificial and manufactured object
Lunik 13 enlarged photo of the manufactured artifact

Evidence has emerged of large structures, perhaps even a base on the far side of the Moon, that appear to support Johnston’s claims.

Ken Johnston isn’t the only one who has issues with NASA.

The scientist who oversaw the large life-detection experiment aboard the 1976 Viking Mars test probe continues to criticize the US Space Agency.

Gilbert Levin insists that his biological experiment proves that life exists in Martian soil.

“We received positive data that matched all the criteria from previous missions that proved the existence of microbial life in the soil of Mars,” Levin told National Geographic. «I found life on Mars in 1976, scientist said»

The prominent scientist is so angry with NASA that he even created his own   website   to scream to the world that there really is life on the red planet.

Many of the space scientists challenged NASA over another fraud the Agency had allegedly committed for decades: the color of the Martian sky.

For years, the Space Agency has published photos of Mars with reddish skies and rust-red landscapes. They got away with it until independent researchers and missions to Mars conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed that the Martian sky actually looked very similar to Earth’s sky – and the Martian landscape looked quite similar to the salmon-colored terrain. South-west.

Holger Isenberg wrote about it on the German website “The Color of Mars”. Here the translated link with the photographic evidence.

More controversial photos

A former NASA employee, Donna Hare, has accused NASA of tampering, fuzzing and obscuring thousands of photos over the years. She officially declared that the Space Agency had deleted inconvenient anomalies in certain devastating photos.

During his time at NASA, he was an expert working as an illustrator and photo slide technician. His awards include the 1969 Apollo Achievement Award, a Skylab Award, and a special commemorative medal for meritorious service involving a joint US-Russian Apollo-Soyuz space mission.

A technical illustrator by trade, Hare did just about everything during his stint at the Space Agency, working as a space illustrator and in the precision slide lab. It illustrates space vehicles, satellites, launch pads, landing sites, lunar maps and much, much more.

Hare worked as a subcontractor at the Agency for over 15 years. When she denounced NASA, she went public and appeared as a guest on AM WOL radio in Washington, DC

His testimony is controversial and some support his arguments while others do not.

Did NASA fail to blur this photo?
Artificial photo magnification? What do you think?

Apollo 17 and the incredible “robot head”

enlarged image

“In December 1972, Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent about 75 hours on the Moon. During the lunar expedition, they took this photo above. Amazingly, it appears to be a robot’s head. Cernan commented that although he was seeing it with his own eyes, he still couldn’t quite believe it,” wrote author Joe Szostak in his book and on his website.

“Once he got over the initial shock, he realized it couldn’t be a human skull. After all, he was lying in a debris field from an impact crater, which spewed out all kinds of debris and materials just below the valley floor. Something as brittle as fossilized bone could not survive such an impact. “Furthermore, exposure to extreme solar and cosmic radiation would have long since reduced the organic material to a fine powder. This object was undoubtedly of mechanical origin. Color enhancements revealed that the ‘head’ has a distinct red band around the area where the upper lip should have been, a feature that looked clearly painted or anodized on the object.

“Compounds from another painting showed that the ‘head’ had two eye sockets, a forehead, eyebrows, a nose with a nasal cavity, a pair of cheekbones and the upper half of the jaw. The lower jaw appeared to be missing.

“Cernan called the area ‘a mysterious place found’.” Many of the rocks had highly unusual spectral qualities, reflecting light like highly polished crystals or metal boxes.

“The photo below is an enlargement of the severed head photographed in Shorty Crater by Cernan and Schmitt. So far there has been no satisfactory explanation of this artifact from the scientific community…”

Lunar artifacts are obviously not natural

Incredible Hubble Photo of a Perfect Pyramid on the Moon

Who built it? When and why?

The image of this pyramid on the Moon was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) in December 2008.

Photographs of the Russian Luna 9 rover

Luna 9 was an unmanned space probe in the Soviet Union’s lunar program. On February 3, 1966, Luna 9 became the first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on a planet other than Earth and to transmit photographic data from the Moon to Earth. The photo is of the Luna 9 probe. It shows what appears to be a large ship or vehicle whose shape resembles that of a boat that crosses the oceans of the earth, arriving at a point at an extreme and having a high section in it Upside. A wire or tube appears to extend from the back of the object towards the surface. Contact with the Luna 9 probe was lost on February 6, 1966, just three days after landing.

There are strange things on the Moon and on Mars. Weird things have been found on the Martian moon Phobos, Saturn’s moon Titan, and a handful of other unknown moons.

The evidence seems to show that we haven’t always been alone in the Solar System. In fact, the place seemed to be completely packed with people.

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