Space Force Official Admits Global UFO Presence, Calls for Cooperation

In a surprising announcement, a senior Space Force official revealed that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) are being detected around the world. With an experience of flying 83 different aircraft and having accumulated many hours of flight time, the official admitted that, frankly, everyone has had the opportunity to observe several inexplicable elements.

In an interview conducted at the New York Foreign Press Center on April 14, Major General John Olson, Deployment Assistant to the Space Force Chief of Space Operations, highlighted the need for international cooperation and collaboration with other countries to understand the phenomena Unidentified Airplanes (UAPs). Olson said that UAP-related events are not limited to the United States alone and that sharing information with other countries around the world is critical.

In order to promote transparency, Olson argued that the US Congress should lead and fund this effort through the dedicated office in the Pentagon (AARO). He argued that such an international collaboration would be similar to the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization, which aims to support diplomacy and cooperation in air transport, being funded and led by 193 national governments, including China.

The Major General highlighted the importance of this collaboration and international cooperation in the effort to understand and clarify UAPs, emphasizing that the evolution of technologies can significantly contribute to demystify or unmask the problem. For Olson, this is a fertile and important opportunity that must be explored.

A new phase in the search for answers about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs/UFOs) began with San Marino’s approval of Project Titan. The country will present a proposal to the United Nations (UN) for the creation of a permanent office in charge of promoting periodic global conferences focused on the scientific study of these enigmatic phenomena.

other forms of life

In addition to tackling the technical aspects, Major General John Olson also shared philosophical musings on the search for other life forms in the universe. He expressed the belief that “they will certainly be out there, probabilistically speaking”, but that this quest is part of human nature to learn, understand and explore. As space exploration continues, including probes that have left the solar system and exploration of the Moon, human curiosity persists to discover whether extraterrestrial life exists and what it would mean for humanity.

More support for AARO

In the interview, Major General John Olson, Deployment Assistant to the Space Force Chief of Space Operations, commented on ongoing efforts to investigate UAPs by the Department of Defense (DoD). While Congressional budgetary concerns have been raised regarding AARO, Olson has expressed optimism and believes that there will be an increase in funding and structural support within the department. This occurs at a time when apublic hearingon UAPs is scheduled to take place in the Senate, where one of the topics under discussion will be precisely the financing of the AARO.

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