Former CIA official from Office of National Intelligence, has revealed shocking information about aliens and UFOs that will be disclosed soon (video)

In the 1940s, the CIA first became involved in UFOs. Since then, a number of former US military personnel and CIA officers have advanced UFOlogy by making stunning remarks. Former CIA and US military officials including R. James Woolsey, John Brennan, Jim Semivan, Lue Elizondo, and others have described how the existence of reality all around us that we are unable to perceive could be a major aspect of the UFO phenomenon.

Since 2021, John Ramirez, who spent 25 years in the CIA, has been providing truthful insights into the UAPs that he learned in his career. He is a highly intelligent individual who has an immense amount of knowledge and experience regarding the U.S. intelligence apparatus and the UAP subject. He has made an impressive social media presence after he revealed many UAP-related mysteries that had never been discussed in public by any government official.

CIA retired John Ramirez, who specialized in ballistic missile defense systems, worked for the CIA from 1984 to 2009, holding positions in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology, and the Directorate of Intelligence. He attained GS-15 grade, which indicates that he worked for the agency in a relatively senior capacity.

His appearance on the highly acclaimed Witness Citizen podcast on October 17, 2021 created a huge burst in the UFO community. Later, Ramirez made an appearance on Project Unity, where he delivered a series of slides to assist researchers in navigating the FOIA process. Ramirez was particularly helpful in identifying the appropriate agencies to contact when requesting particular types of information.

The slides, which are available online, also include historical information about UFOs and current statements made by prominent former U.S. intelligence officials, including John Ratcliffe, a former director of national intelligence. He stated a schematic on how to investigate a UFO in the CIA style:

Establish a group to investigate and evaluate sightings;
Determine the objectives of your investigation;
Consult with experts;
Create a reporting system to organize incoming cases;
Eliminate false positives;
Develop a methodology to identify common aircraft and other aerial phenomena often mistaken for UFOs;
Examine witness documentation;
Conduct controlled experiments;
Gather and test physical and forensics evidence and Discourage false reporting.

Ramirez made assumptions regarding the current UFO disclosure procedure, and it appears that his opinions may have been influenced by members of the intelligence community, either current or former, or perhaps by individuals connected to the Department of Defense. During his interview with Project Unity, Ramirez claimed that the US government does not currently discuss the UFO craft’s occupants. This is a significant comment from Ramirez, who has asserted his opinion that UFOs may indeed represent a form of non-human intelligence.

John Ramirez
John Ramirez retired from the agency recently as an officer with GS-15 status.

Ramirez is not the first CIA agent to make the assertion that UFOs might be non-human intelligence. John Brennan, a former CIA director, suggested that UFOs might be “a different form of life.” Brennan said: “You try to ensure that you have as much data as possible in terms of visuals and also different types of maybe technical collection of sensors that you have at the time. (Source)

Also, I believe, it’s important to reach out into other environments and find out, were there any type of weather phenomena at that time that might have, in fact, created the appearance of the phenomenon that you’re looking at? Were there some things that were happening on the ground, or other types of phenomena that could help explain what seems to be quite a mystery as far as what is there? You really have to approach it with an open mind, but get as much data as possible and get as much expertise as possible brought to bear.”

Ramirez made an intriguing statement in response to the rumor that the US government is reluctant to discuss the potential UFO occupants. The U.S. Air Force may be partially to blame for this current stance, according to Ramirez. However, not for obvious reasons. He commented:

“The air force and their exploitation of that type of technology made a mess of things, as when people see the triangular craft, and they’re not flying in space but in our atmosphere, it points to the fact that we know what the triangles are and we want people to think they’re seeing UFOs because then people won’t know exactly what they’re seeing.”

Some speculated that Ramirez suggests that the USAF may be responsible for sightings of triangular aircraft, which some have dubbed the TR3B. On the Joe Rogan Experience, Tom Delonge implied that the United States government owned such vessels, but also said that some of them belonged to other intelligence. Delonge claimed that triangle-shaped craft, assuming they contain tail fins, symbolize human technology.

According to a member of the US House of Representatives Tim Burchett, it may all have started after the government recovered crashed alien vehicles. During an interview for On Balance With Leland Vittert, Burchett was asked about the Navy’s possession of more videos of UFOs that it is not willing to release to the public for reasons of National Security.

If anti-gravitic crafts exist, then potentially, such technology will be disclosed throughout the disclosure process. Former senator Harry Reid has already asserted that Lockheed Martin may have UFO materials, thus perhaps technology does exist. According to Lue Elizondo, the disclosure procedure and potential international collaboration (including with China) may lead to amazing technological advancements. (Source)

Ross Coulthart, an investigative journalist, in his tweet shared a link to a YouTube video (which is now private), stating John Ramirez tells IUFOC the agency’s weird desk investigations into UAP never stopped from the 1940s. “These are ongoing programs from the very beginning. They are still there.” It’s “more than” just the Pentagon’s AAWSAP-AATIP. Check the below Twitter thread to understand the context Coulthart is trying to explain.

“There for them to ask me questions. But it was very clear to me that AATIP was not the first of its kind effort. There was an organized effort back in the 80s to do exactly this as well. Now how far they got, I don’t know because what was told to me, verbatim,” Elizondo said.

Ramirez also experienced what might be considered alien abduction-type experiences, including being placed on an examination table in a circular craft. Interestingly, a number of his counterparts in the CIA and NSA also had UFO experiences, he revealed. In his job related to missile defense, he became aware of times when Russian radar would detect unusual craft, and in one instance, he said they tried to lure a UAP into landing.

Ramirez noted that CIA historian Gerald Haines wrote about the agency’s study of UFOs from 1947 through the 1990s, for a division that was initially called the Office of Scientific Intelligence. What was particularly intriguing to Ramirez is that the division had life sciences and medical people on staff, indicating possible interest in alien bodies.

He also described how an Air Force pilot on the plane that flew near Kamchatka to monitor Russian tests observed a massive “milky white wall” of light flying toward him at 6,200 mph, though the Air Force assumed it was some kind of countermeasure by the Russians. Regarding the military sightings of “trans-medium” UAP like the Tic Tacs, Ramirez said he does not believe that Russia or any other foreign country has the capabilities to produce this kind of antigravity technology.

Elizondo made these points in several interviews, but in this one, he was asked to elaborate on his comments about how our senses are reductive and limit our reality, and how this might be relevant to the phenomenon.

In his interview with Project Unity, Ramirez opined that Humans are hybrids. According to him, Elizondo is unable to use the word “hybridization,” but the Pentagon employees are counting on him to do so eventually. Elizondo discussed the possibility that non-human intelligence have been in contact with humans for a very long time on the Theories of Everything podcast. This would imply that we have all forgotten about our own past, which would hide the possibility that we are hybrids of humans and extraterrestrials.

Something is coming in 2027

On Podcast UFO with Martin Wills, Ramirez claimed that government is aware of an impending event in 2027 which will reveal something quite significant so people are being prepared. He has been stating that there is a presence on Earth (which he refers demonic) who are just projecting their own belief systems to make us disbelieve in what we believe. Wills asked Ramirez what would happen if there was mass Landing? would we just simply prepare for a conflict or would we actually initiate something? (Source)

Former CIA replied:

I think the dialogue we have now in this country, even with the recent legislation that passed through the legislature and is on its way up to the president’s desk, is preparing the U.S population, and by extension the world population, for the reality that there is a presence here that we need to explain. If they show up and we continue to do what we did before in previous decades, there will be mass panic. However, if we understand that these are real and we have five years from 2022, or maybe now four years, if they come in 2027, for the US government to prepare the people about what is up there.

In many ways, I think the word got out within the government that they’re showing up in 2027, and we better be prepared. If not, there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do. So, I think that dialogue has happened within certain areas inside the government, that we need to prepare.

That’s why in 2017, that set a clock of 10 years, and why Lou Elizondo earlier in this year said, “Just find a hobby for five years, and it’ll all be out in five years,” and he said that this year, so that was 2027. I’ve heard 2027 in an official capacity, and I can’t reveal, so I would say that people in the government are aware of something happening, and there’s limited time, a few more years to prepare the people. That’s what’s wrapping up this acceleration from the previous seven decades of not even acknowledging it to now acknowledging it at a faster and faster pace.”

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