Forensic pathologist claims Brazilian police officer who touched Varginha’s creature had foreign bacteria on its body

“I have never seen anything like it in my 60 years of medical practice,” said Dr. Joao BM Janini.

The data were revealed by filmmaker and researcher James Fox, known for having recently released a documentary about the Varginha case (1996), a UFO that crashed in Brazil where a living alien creature was recovered — a form of life based on ammonia, according to the Latest details revealed. Fox continued to investigate the incident, trying to bring to light more testimonies and information that can complement and corroborate what has already been stated. Thus, another witness appeared, the forensic pathologist who analyzed the body of the police officer Marco Chereze, who had touched the alien being with his own hands during his apprehension.


Within days, the officer became seriously ill and was hospitalized with loss of use in all limbs. He deteriorated rapidly, not responding to any treatment.

“The true story is about the bacteria I found on the body of the deceased military man. It was like a lethal weapon for his immune system,” said Dr. Janini showing the autopsy record. For now, not much else is known as this is an ongoing investigation, although the filmmaker has promised that he will soon release the details on the matter, including the scan of the document presented by the forensic pathologist.

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