Former NASA employee claims: “I saw humans walking on Mars in 1979”

Are there humans walking on Mars since 1979? The revelation of a former NASA employee.

In 2014, a former NASA worker named Jackie made a startling revelation during a call-in on the “ Coast to Coast AM ” radio show . Jackie said that in 1979, while working on the Viking lander’s downlink telemetry , she and her six companions saw something shocking on the screens showing images from the Viking rover: two humanoid figures walking on the surface of Mars . Jackie remembered that the humanoids’ protective gear was very different from what the astronauts were wearing at the time, which made her and her companions question whether they were human beings.

The call went viral on social media and has generated controversy ever since. Could there have been a secret mission to Mars in 1979? Were there already humans walking on the red planet at that time?

The Earth today reaches 110,700 kilometers per hour, its maximum speed

The Viking Lander was the first device to photograph Mars and transmit those images to Earth. As Jackie explained, she was working with six other colleagues in 1979, when they saw two humanoid figures walking on the surface of Mars. Technicians had access to multiple screens displaying images from the Viking rover. Immediately, Jackie remembered that the protective gear of the humanoids was very different from what the astronauts wore at that time. None of those present could believe what they were seeing, and after some time following the human forms that walked on Mars, the video of the Viking was cut, shortly after the strange creatures were seen on the screen.




Jackie and her companions’ reaction was to run upstairs to see what was happening, but the access door was completely closed and the small window was covered with paper, so that no one could see what they were doing inside the room. . Jackie and the other classmates didn’t know what was in that locked room, but presumably it was something related to what they had just seen on the screens.

The response of a former CIA pilot

On the same radio show, Jackie asked former CIA pilot John Lear if the humanoid figures they had seen on the screens were human beings. Lear’s response was that humans had already colonized Mars since 1966 and that the figures seen by Jackie and his companions were just humans who had adapted to the Martian atmosphere.

In addition to this, Lear believes that the Apollo 11 mission was just a lure to distract people so that a secret exploration of the entire solar system could be carried out.

NASA has not given an official response.

Since the call was made in 2014, NASA has not given an official response to this revelation. However, the fact that the access door was closed and covered with paper suggests that there was something the agency wanted to keep secret.

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