Former US Air Force agent reveals: “There is a secret program that manages alien visits on Earth”

Richard Doty, a US Air Force Special Agent, says there is a special program for managing visitors from other planets.

He claims to have studied secret plans in which aliens collaborate with the US government. Richard Doty took a big risk and broke his silence because it’s very important that these things remain secret.

Doty worked as a special agent in the United States Army’s Top Secret Projects Division. Along with Steven Greer, a renowned ufologist, Doty presented these classified documents to the Washington DC Press Club within the Disclosure Project.

Here, 20 ex-military, ex-Secret Service agents and ex-AAF employees came together to provide invaluable first-hand information about their experiences with UFOs and aliens.

Almost 20 years after he worked as a communications officer at the Kirtland Air Force Base, Doty decided to provide accurate details of the nature of his work in the Unacknowledged series, produced and distributed by Netflix.

During my service at Kirtland Air Force Base, I was included in a special program to deal with alien visitors, he said.

Over the years, Doty has come under fire for admitting that he, too, was part of a program to manipulate public opinion on the issue. In 2013, he appeared in the documentary Mirage Man, in which he revealed how the US military used mythology to hide advanced military technology.

Many people criticized him for his testimonies in that documentary, but he appears to have been manipulated and misrepresented by documentary filmmaker Mark Pilkington.

Doty says parts of the interview she gave Pilkington were altered and parts of her audio testimony were deleted. Doty says he saw some aliens after the Roswell UFO crash, he says the bodies were about 4 feet tall and injured, and before being taken to Los Alamos air base they first crossed over to Kirtland base from Albυqυerqυe.


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