Man claims to be from the future (year 2048) – and he warns us of an alien invasion

This is pretty weird here, folks, as apparently this man encountered aliens who filled his body with alcohol and sent him into the past.

This man claimed to have belonged to the year 2048 as he was being arrested by the police on the 2nd of October.

Bryant Johnson was found on the streets causing a lot of noise, trying to explain to the public that he came from 2048 and that aliens had been conspiring against him the entire time.

This all happened in 2017 when he claimed he was supposed to be shipped in 2018 but because of the alcohol in his body he was shipped a year early.

His blood was reported to have a total alcohol content of 0.136 and although he clearly believed what he was saying, the police did not listen to a single word he had to say.

Time travel is possible, it has been reported on several occasions by whistleblowers and experts, as Albert Einstein himself spoke about it on several occasions.

There is even an ongoing theory that astronaut Sergei Krikalev is actually stuck in the future by 0.02 seconds after having spent over 804 days in space as a direct result of space dilation.

Whether or not Bryant Johnson’s story is real we can’t say for sure as it definitely sounds like the rambling of a drunken man. But hey, anything is possible.

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