Russian Ufologist explains how Aliens travel in the cosmos

In order for extraterrestrial civilizations to fly into the solar system, they must have electromagnetic field technology at their disposal. During an interview with FAN, Valery Uvarov, the Director of the International Information Center for UFO Research, expressed his thoughts.

The Internet is rife with footage of alien spacecraft unexpectedly appearing near our planet. American scientist Frederic Portugal recently claimed that he had captured the moment when extraterrestrial ships unload the smaller spacecraft they brought with them, which he shared with the media.

According to the scientist, he has captured photographs of enormous UFOs using a hyperspectral imaging telescope (photo above). Using blockchain technology, the film from his telescope was shared on a site that prevents evidence manipulation.

According to Uvarov, this is either a hoax or the consequence of someone’s desire being realized.

“I am not going to comment on their purpose, there is no point. As the classic said, everyone goes crazy in their own way, ”said the expert.
For the transportation of spacecraft to the solar system, it seems nonsensical because space is an open-ended environment where anything may happen. Only a few people have the courage to store their weapons in an uncharted solar system.

Our best guess is that if we think there are sentient, highly evolved civilizations in the Universe, then they would have discovered a means of interstellar travel long before our own. Uvarov offered his thoughts on how these extraterrestrial civilizations would get about.

Alien spacecraft are typically referred to by the term UFO, according to the expert. Powerful electromagnetic fields are used in this way to travel through space. The aliens use the field to create a “wormhole” in space through which they may travel. Furthermore, they do not even progress ahead in this regard. According to Uvarov, it is impossible for an extraterrestrial culture to travel between star systems without these technology.

As previously reported, Valery Uvarov claimed that an alien item was buried in the Cheops pyramid, which Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities and US secret agencies would not allow anybody to investigate. The specialist also explained the workings of this mystery ancient device, which generated a precise flow of energy from the Earth’s core.

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