Did the NASA rover see an alien bird on Mars?

While some think it’s an alien bird, others think it’s a real bird that snuck into the underground offices where NASA fakes this.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has just captured a photograph of an alien bird on the Red Planet. Many individuals have hypothesized whether it is a genuine bird or a complete alien.

Some have gone so far as to claim that it is simply dust particles on the rover’s screen, but most have revealed that the accompanying images are clear, which would mean that either debris has been removed, or there was no no residue there in the first place.

Some accept that it is a piece of a shooting star colliding with the outer shell of the Red Planet, while others are really confident that it is a real bird that snuck into the underground office where NASA is faking this.

As this hypothesis indicates, the Curiosity rover is on Earth hiding somewhere and they are faking it for their own greedy reasons.

Some are confident that it is a rocket, while others are confident that it is clear proof of extraterrestrial beings living on Mars . There is even a hypothesis that NASA is trying to irritate the majority by distorting this image.



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