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Enki and Enlil: rival Anunnaki brothers in conflict

The Anunnaki Enki and Enlil: central figures in Sumerian mythology. Enki created humanity and Enlil wanted to reduce its population or destroy it.

Enki and Enlil: Anunnaki half-brothers . They entered into a great conflict and humanity was in the middle of that dispute.

Enki was the creator of humanity and Enlil manifested himself as an oppressor and even a destroyer . Both are key in that ancient mythical event called « Universal Flood ».

Anu, Enki and Enlil formed a triad of rulership of the heavens, the atmosphere and the Earth . Of course, it is already well known that the Anunnaki could also have been extraterrestrial visitors or ancient astronauts .

Anunnaki History of Enki and Enlil

The Anunnaki and the Tree of Life. (Public domain).

It all started with Anu , also known as ” The great father of heaven ” (it is thought that Anu could be the same god El of the Canaanites and Jehovah of the Jews ). Anu passed the power from him to Enlil and then to Marduk (according to the Babylonians).

Anu had two consorts : Antu , “Great Sky Mother” and Ki , the Earth Mother. Enki, god of the Earth and the waters , was born from Antu, and Enlil, god of the air and the Earth , was born from Ki.

Enlil was extremely powerful, as he had the Tablets of Fate or Fates . Sumerian mythology says that whoever possessed these tablets would rule the entire universe .

Enki: creator of humanity

Detail of the Seal of Adda: Anunnaki gods with Enki in the center, the figure with streams of water and fish. Credit: Public Domain.

In the Genesis of Eridú is the myth of the Sumerian creation. In it we find that Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-khursag created humanity . Cities and kingdoms were founded but after a lost section of the Genesis of Eridú, it is read that a great flood is coming . The gods do not decide to save humanity, but Enki does advise a human being to build an ark (to Ziusudra ).

In Sumerian and Babylonian tablets such as the Enuma Elish and the Atrahasis , it appears that the younger Anunnaki worked the Earth to extract minerals , but that this mining was very laborious. Because of that, Enki proposes to create the human species to help them. Enki served as a type of ancient genetic engineer , mixing the blood of the god Kingu with clay.

Enlil: oppressor of humanity

Courtesy: Anunnaki.org.

Enlil is seen as an oppressor of humanity. According to Laurence Gardner, this god was bloodthirsty against anyone who did not adapt to his dictatorship. Later, after the human creation, Enki makes an “improvement” of the first human being, creating Adapa (related to the Biblical Adam). This was done without Enlil’s approval and therein was the conflict between Enki and Enlil.

The Adapa humans reproduced but became too “noisy” or troublesome to Enlil . This god decides to send them various plagues , such as drought and pestilence. Humans asked Enki for help and he told them to return to Earth so that everything is in harmony and productive.

The humans become even more numerous and this causes more problems for Enlil , so he convinces the other gods to generate the Universal Flood . Enki sees the cruelty of this plan so he advises Ziusudra to build the ark and preserve the human race from it along with animals.

All the gods saw the mistake of this genocide , even Enlil, but it was too late to stop the flood. On the plus side, Enlil eventually overcame his courage and even bestowed Ziusudra with immortality .

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