The China Has Revealed the Moon’s Biggest Secret: “Plan of Alien Structures!”

The colonization of space is no longer a dream and China has already begun to take its first steps. The Asian giant has unveiled an advanced space colonization plan that began in 2017 and is expected to end this year, with the first man on Mars. But during this process of space conquest, they seem to have revealed the biggest secret of the Moon.


China aims to fully explore the lunar topography, especially its far side. It will achieve this through the Chang’e 4 and 5 space mission, creating a permanent site that will serve as a station or intermediary for future trips to Mars.


But the Asian nation has achieved something no one else, including NASA, has been able to: show humanity what the dark side of the Moon looks like…and indeed, the images are extremely chilling.

China and the Truth About the Moon
We’ve all assumed at some point that the Moon’s surface is totally white. This is due to all the public NASA photos and photographs that show it as such.

However, thanks to these missions, we have been able to observe that the lunar surface is not so different from that of our planet. We can therefore say that its sand is brown or yellowish in color, instead of being white or gray.

So why did NASA manipulate the colors of its images? What was she trying to hide?

In the images taken by China, it is not only the difference in the hues of the Earth that is visible. It’s also clear that there are a number of weird anomalies in the distance when the images are viewed correctly.

Mysterious structures
Their characteristics are extremely strange, as can be seen. These structures are very defined, so they don’t look natural, far from it.

As we all know, nature is extremely chaotic and lacks fixed and defined angles and structures. Therefore, the only logical explanation for these buildings is that they were created artificially. Either by an alien civilization or by NASA itself.

Perhaps that’s why the agency manipulated all the moon images it released in this way. This scenario is more likely because, as far as we know, the style of the structures is far from those built by humans.

China’s explorations have begun to reveal secrets that NASA has kept hidden from mankind. More chilling details about the Moon and our future on it are expected to emerge soon.

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