The former head of Area 51 Alfred O’Donnell, stated that they had in their possession alien spacecraft and beings, which supports Bob Lazar’s claims

The recent podcast “Weaponized,” starring filmmaker Jeremy Corebll and investigative journalist George Knapp, has ignited a long debate on Area 51 holding secrets of UFOs and non-human beings. Mr. Knapp explained a lot of the corroborating evidence regarding people that confirm Bob Lazar’s claims, as well as the S4 base he worked at Nevada desert and the company that vetted him, EG&G.

Lazar’s identity as an Area 51 scientist has always been discussed by other people in the UFOlogy. Lately, Dr. Travis Scott has also been seen discrediting Bob Lazar and said he did work at Area 51 but as a janitor. Many users find it a direct attack on Lazar’s credentials as he failed to show his qualifications. However, there are credible experts that have confirmed Lazar’s work at Area 51.

Mr. Knapp revealed to Corbell that while working on the follow-up series “UFOs: The Best Evidence” in 1990, he came to know about a man named Alfred O’Donnell, who was the general manager at EG&G in Nevada that managed Area 51. According to Knapp, O’Donnell claimed that “they did have a flying saucer that had been recovered from New Mexico,” and a “live being.”

EG&G was created by three scientists, Harold Edgerton, Kenneth Germeshausen, and Herbert Grier. The company specialized in the measurement of energy created by nuclear weapon explosions. EG&G was involved in the development of a complex little gadget that could arm an atomic bomb, start an automated countdown, set it off, and collect data on how it behaved. The company played a role in the migration of well-educated professionals to Las Vegas in the early 1950s, including Alfred O’Donnell, a technician who worked for the company.

O’Donnell was the prominent figure in Area 51, who had all clearance to walk anywhere in the facility. Moreover, his background is good enough to add credibility to Bob Lazar’s claims. Mr. Knapp shared his story of meeting O’Donnell who told him about the recovered craft that was stored at the Indian Springs (Creech US Air Force Base), but later it was transferred to the newly built Area 51 in 1955.

“They moved it to an adjacent facility he didn’t say it was S4 he didn’t say it was Papoose but I think that’s what he’s talking about Papoose lake is where Bob Lazar said he worked and where they had built hangers underground disguised it to look like the desert and where they had other recovered craft,” Mr. Knapp said.

O’Donnell told Knapp all the secret information about UFOs at a coffee shop. He said that they were trying to reverse-engineer the recovered crafts and duplicate the technology to build more crafts like that. Further, O’Donnell revealed that they were worried that “IT” could get out. He said they were holding it in a cage as they did not understand it.

“We didn’t know what it was… To tell you the truth, we couldn’t communicate with it. In the beginning, we didn’t know what it was, we didn’t know where it was from. And we didn’t know what to do with it…”

“Eventually, they figured out a way to communicate with it and so I asked him well what did it look like… he said well kind of looks like a certain political candidate… at the time Ross Perot was running for president, he said it looks like Ross Perot, a little skinny guy with big ears and a tiny head, not a classic gray looking alien but a very odd looking creature.”

Mr. Knapp further shared a story about a former female employee of defense contractor Holmes & Narver, who allegedly had knowledge about “crashed saucers, recovered materials, and what sounded like a Roswell-type incident.” The woman had been intimidated by unknown agents before she was scheduled to speak with Knapp, causing her to cancel the meeting.

Knapp also mentioned that former Congressional staffer Richard D’Amato investigated claims about crashed saucers and visited Area 51, but was unable to verify the statements. Knapp later scheduled a meeting between D’Amato and EG&G employee O’Donnell, which was allowed by EG&G co-founder Herbert Grier. However, O’Donnell refused to tell D’Amato anything.

Knapp stated that O’Donnell made a deathbed confession, confirming the existence of a crashed flying saucer and a living being. However, no recording of O’Donnell’s confession has surfaced. If the recording was made public, it would lend credibility to the assertions made by Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked on recovered saucers in Area 51.

Years after his initial conversation with Knapp, O’Donnell changed his story and shared a different version of the flying saucer incident with journalist and author Annie Jacobsen, which regarded the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) incident at Roswell in 1947.

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