The mysterious ‘Giant of Kandahar’ was allegedly killed by US special forces in Afghanistan.

Something in the human psyche is drawn to unusual and mysterious legends—especially ones involving monsters, giants, and other nocturnal creatures. Many stories have been written throughout history about odd and terrifying animals lurking in remote locations around the planet. But what if everything was true?

Monster stories abound in mythology, fairy tales, and local folklore from practically every culture on the planet. In almost every case, these beings are exaggerated versions of humans, larger than life, with abnormal skills or characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary men or women.

What if these myths weren’t just stories but true accounts of encounters with unusual beings? Over the years, there have been various accounts of giant humans roaming isolated corners of the planet; some even claim to have seen one with their own eyes.

Nuclear war terror gripped the globe during the 1980s. The commencement of the Iran-Iraq war and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan all added to the sensation that Armageddon was on the horizon. A peculiar giant was supposed to have lived in a remote district of Kandahar during the time.

In 2002, Stephen Quayle shared this experience on the popular American paranormal radio station “Coast to Coast.” He has researched ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs, and biological warfare for over thirty years. According to Quayle, the entire affair was classified and kept from the public for a long time.

So it all began when an American unit failed to return from a mission one day during the US military war in Afghanistan. They tried to call them by radio, but no one answered.
A Special Operations Task Force was dispatched into the desert to locate and recover the missing unit. It was believed that the detachment would be surrounded and the soldiers would be killed or captured by the enemy.

When the soldiers arrived in the region where the missing unit had gone, they began to explore the terrain and soon came across a large cave entrance. Some items were discovered at the cave’s entrance that turned out to be the guns and equipment of the missing detachment.
It was unmistakably a man with a shaggy red beard and red hair; he screamed in wrath and sprang at the troops, his fists clenched. The same fled and began firing their 50 BMG Barrett rifles at the behemoth.

Even with such immense firepower, it took the entire squad 30 seconds of constant shelling to finally put the behemoth down.
After the monster was killed, the SWAT team examined the cave and discovered the carcasses of the missing squad members, gnawed to the bone and older human bones. The soldiers deduced that this man-eating behemoth had been dwelling in this cave for a long time, devouring passers-by.

The giant’s body weighed at least 500 kg and was transported to a nearby military base before being transferred to a larger plane, and no one else saw or heard from him.
When the SWAT officers returned to the United States, they were ordered to sign nondisclosure agreements, and the entire affair was classified.

Skeptics have labeled this narrative fake and a fraud. Many responded by asking what kind of self-interest they had in this particular story if they lied. While some have speculated, it is plausible that these were mass hallucinations caused by damaging radiation altering soldiers’ minds or consciousness.

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