James Fox Big Reveal: Deadly Bacteria From Varginha Creature Killed Brazilian Military Officer

Filmmaker James Fox has recently released a documentary called “Moment of Contact,” which details an alleged UFO crash in Virginia, Brazil in 1996. Despite the level of skepticism surrounding the incident, Mr. Fox asks people to suspend judgment and listen to the first-hand eyewitness testimony from military officers, firemen, doctors, civilians, and lawyers.

The documentary shows how many of the witnesses were just regular Brazilian people, not UFO buffs or individuals deep in space. The film also shows the extraordinary level of international coordination between the Brazilian and US military, which has left many viewers questioning its accuracy.

Mr. Fox investigated the case for 12 years, and during his numerous trips to Brazil, he was completely unaware of any American involvement until his last visits. While in Brazil, Mr. Fox discovered the American military’s involvement in the crash. The documentary features military personnel on the ground, civilians, doctors, and lawyers giving testimony about the incident.

Mr. Fox reveals that Carlos Feres, a flight radar control officer claimed that he was in charge the night of the crash and saw the United States Air Force plane come in without authorization from the Brazilian government. The US military reportedly landed in Campinas (a city in the northwest of São Paulo) without any Brazilian authorization. Mr. Fox also claimed that there are testimonials from military personnel and civilians who witnessed the transportation of the creatures to Campinas on the same date.

Fox’s new documentary sheds light on a story that has been widely regarded as the “Roswell of Brazil.” While there is still skepticism surrounding the incident, his documentary provides ample evidence from first-hand witnesses, showing something truly extraordinary that took place on January 20, 1996.

“Two 14-year-old twin girls, Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva, and 22-year-old Kátia Andrade Xavier were among the eyewitnesses who personally saw these creatures. According to them, one of the creatures was very thin with brown skin, big red eyes, and had three horns on its head. It was about 160 cm high and had feet in a V-shape.

The claimed encounter, according to the legend, occurred around three hours later, when two military police officers were traveling along a road next to the empty lot. Suddenly, a creature ran in front of their vehicle. As per Brazilian UFO Magazine editor A.J. Gevaerd, one of the officers, Marco Chereze, captured the creature with his “bare hands” and took it to a local hospital. He said, “After he captured the creature he was smelly – he had this strange feeling of something greasy or sticky over his body that came from the creature. He developed this infection that wouldn’t go away, and for two or three weeks it was getting worse and worse and worse… and that infection killed him.””

James Fox Varghina Alien
Filmmaker James Fox (Left, )Marco Chereze (in photo shown by his sister) died after one of the creatures scratched him

UFOlogist Ubirajara Rodrigues wrote about the Varginha incident, where a strange being was arrested in January 1996. The arresting officer, Corporal Marco underwent minor surgery to remove an abscess caused by a physical injury sustained during the arrest. He later fell ill with a fever and was hospitalized, ultimately passing away from sepsis, but the cause of the infection was never identified.

Mr. Fox further revealed that there are two forensic pathologists who conducted the autopsy on the deceased military officer and provided a detailed long-form autopsy report. He said they came forward for the first time to share their findings and brief statements about the case. Their expertise in forensic pathology is necessary to determine the cause and manner of death, which can be crucial in investigations and legal proceedings.

A short clip played by Breaking Points, shared to them by Mr. Fox, shows pathologists’ statements first time translated into English. Mr. Fox has recently spoken with pathologists who describe a new type of bacteria that killed a healthy 23-year-old Brazilian military police officer in 1996. Here are their statements:

[Pathologist 1] This is my first statement on the Chereze case which may have actually involved an extraterrestrial being. It causes strangeness due to the distinct way he describes this bacteria.

[Pathologist 2, Dr. João B.M. Janini] This alien brought the bacteria in from outside. There is the character “ET” and there is the character “bacteria from the ET’s fingernails.” The real story is about the bacteria I found in the deceased military officer’s body. It was like a lethal weapon to his immune system.

Mr. Fox says the bacteria was said to be unlike anything seen before and even survived the “kitchen sink” of treatments thrown at it by one of the doctors who treated Chereze. This bacterial infection arose after a UFO incident in the area, leading Fox to believe that the bacteria could have been caused by an alien craft or escaped from a biological laboratory.


He said: “This is an ongoing investigation I’m not going to put this in another film I’m going to put it out to the general public immediately because I think that this is this is a story that could prove once and for all could settle the debate once and for all whether these things are real or not because we have a case, unlike Roswell that’s so recent that the vast majority of people and Witnesses are still alive and they’re coming forward right now.”

On Julian Dorey’s podcast, Mr. Fox disclosed that the Varginha creature had supposedly established telepathic contact with two doctors who treated its injuries at Humanitas Hospital in Brazil. He could not include this in his documentary because he needed testimony on it. But he referred to Dr. Roger K. Leir’s book “UFO Crash in Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash with Surviving ETs” to know more about it.

In Chapter 6, “The Medical Testimony,” Lier mentioned his conversation with a doctor who had treated one of the recovered alien entities. The being, which did not appear to have a gender, telepathically communicated to him that humans were “totally detached” from their spiritual selves, and it felt sorry for them. (Click here to read the full article)

In addition to discussing the investigation with Breaking Points, Mr. Fox also talks about the recently passed UAP legislation. He reads a bit of the text from the legislation, which discusses programs relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena, including material retrieval, analysis, research and development, and detection and tracking. The legislation also provides protections for whistleblowers.

Fox notes that the passing of recent UAP legislation by Senators Gillibrand and Rubio may provide whistleblowers the opportunity to bring forward more information on this topic. Fox is hopeful that the increased transparency will force the government’s hand and release more information on the phenomenon. Fox has met with insiders who have already testified to the UAP task force and is providing information to the public, even if the government is unwilling to do so. He notes that there is a lot of photographic evidence behind the wall of classified information.

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