Billionaire Elon Musk built a ‘self-sufficient’ city on Mars

Billionaire Elon Musk revealed why he wants to build a city on Mars and a base on the moon.


Billionaire – founder of SpaceX Space Exploration Corporation Elon Musk

According to Spuntik radio, speaking at the Mars Society 2020 Videoconference, the founder of SpaceX corporation announced that he aims to build a city on Mars before the outbreak of World War 3.

“I think it’s very helpful to aim to create a self-sustaining city on Mars. This has to be a goal, not just a few people going up there or a base, but maintaining an entire city,” the billionaire emphasized.

Elon Musk added that it is important to test whether a Mars colony will die if the supply from Earth stops for any reason, even if a nuclear disaster is far away. “If that happens, this place is not a safe destination,” the billionaire pointed out.

The tech mogul says Mars is not an option for humans to flee to if we can’t sustain life on it. “It makes no sense to simply move in a lifeboat from one place to another and soon run out of essentials, which in turn leads to death.

Building a self-sufficient city can reduce the existential risks for civilization as a whole and have a future destination for a space travel civilization,” the billionaire Elon concluded.

Previously, the character on the list of the world’s top billionaires voted by Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates, explained in an interview the main threats to humanity after the COVID-19 pandemic ended. end. He said there are two main threats: climate change and bioterrorism, adding that humanity needs to ramp up its preparedness for global pandemics to reduce the death toll.

The SpaceX Corporation has performed two test flights of the Starship spacecraft. However, the two tests were only successful at the initial launch stage. Once back on the ground, the difficulty of landing led to the prototypes falling and exploding.

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