A Strange Device Made by This Man That Can See Multidimensional Beings

Scientist and inventor Daniel Nemes has always had a fascination with science and astronomy.

Daniel has long asserted that he has access to technology that enables him to capture or record extraterrestrial beings. He developed an interest in things with many dimensions after reading an article about Dark Matter.

Later, his enthusiasm inspired him to create a device that uses mathematical techniques to capture multidimensional objects.

Although Daniel Nemes was aware of existing technologies like black light, infrared, ultraviolet, and others, he craved more, so he created a better one that could capture and capture things that nobody and nothing else had ever been able to record before. He labeled this method as “Energivision.”

Large organizations like NASA would stop at nothing to get this technology, as you might anticipate. However, Daniel has no plans to make it public despite his efforts to inform the whole scientific community of its existence.

Daniel claims that the media has consistently kept quiet about his work, as well as the images and supporting documentation that he was able to gather utilizing that technology.

Watch the introductory video down below for plenty of useful information. Finally, it recounts Daniel Nemes’ story.


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