The truth story about the Mysterious Antarctica continent told by Navy Officer

The most mysterious continent known is Antarctica, that holds many unexplained mysterious we have read already on the internet.

A navy officer tells academics and scientists about his experience on Antarctica, He witnessed a medical emergency in Antarctica, while during that medical emergency he had to travel over Antarctica ice and seen a massive crack in the ice.

Officer claimed the team he escorted in Antarctica unecpectedly vanished within two weeks, none of them was able to reach them.

After they returned, Top authorities warned them not to talk about what happened when they returned from their trip.

This bizarre formed object was captured by satellite in 2012.

This unexplained structure in the Antarctica, gave us two ideas was it formed natural or it is built?

In Antarctica are many mysterious Unexplained objects that has been published in the internet, remember the other UFOs that crashed and UFO entrance that we can view using Google Earth application.

Linda Moulton Howe, the well known ufologists explained us some anomalies about an a huge Pyramid beneath Antarctica.

One thing we should remember, Antarctica is the most mysterious continent that hold many secrets, giving us the conclusion are these ancient civilizations objects or extraterrestrials objects?

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