Woman Stubled Upon a Strange Alien Creature Near Area 51 (video)

A recent discovery was uploaded on TikTok of all places as a woman on that app reported having discovered a strange creature with weirdly long limbs.

As you can see, the user named “stinkyeyescrappy” uploaded this video last Tuesday asking all of her viewers whether they could identify the creature, to begin with. Many believed it to be a lizard, to begin with, although this was quickly dismissed as it appears to be significantly different from any lizard species out there. What’s even stranger about this discovery is that she reported having caught it around the state of Nevada, USA close to the enclosed Area 51 location which is said to house the many aliens and UFOs that the US has captured over the years.

This rather alien-looking creature was declared to be an ET of some kind by most commentators as nobody was able to explain it.

Many referred to it as a terrifying creature from a horror film as its slightly elongated body definitely gives everyone chills, to say the least. Some referred to it as the “Lizard Slenderman” or a Star Wars character as a joke, but for the most part, nobody was able to discern what it could really be after all.

The video went viral, with over 550 thousand likes, 16 thousand comments, and a whopping 2.8 million clicks. Some believed that it was actually a toy all along that was stretched out but so far nobody was able to bring definitive proof to back up their theory.

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