According to the ufologist, Andromeda-based aliens revealed the history of humanity

The quantity of extraterrestrial species in the cosmos is the subject of several assumptions. Numerous ufologists, abductees, and even government representatives assert to have seen’space brothers’ from the cosmos.

The sole contactee who has provided comprehensive details on the Andromeda aliens is Alex Collier. He spoke on the effects of numerous extraterrestrial species on the human race in his interviews.

Collier attempts to relay the information he learns through his meetings with the Andromedans as completely as possible, which is why many ufologists believe him to be reliable.

He first had communication with extraterrestrials when he was a toddler and continued into his mid-teens. Contact was restored in 1985 after the experience had faded for several years, including time spent serving in the US Army.

According to him, he was transported onboard starships, including a gigantic alien mothership, where he met two Andromedans who later served as his instructors. He spent three months there learning with the Andromedans. He learned about cosmic mysticism, extraterrestrial life, and Earth’s place in the galaxy from the aliens.

He claims that there are thousands of alien races, and the Andromedans are just one of them. They are human, some of them almost two meters tall, and some of them have blue skin.

All human life forms are said to have begun in the constellation Lyra, according to Collier, author of Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium.

However, as a result of the conflict, their stars burst, causing mankind to disperse in order to survive to various locations around the cosmos.

According to Collier, varied skin tones result from diverse DNA and exposure to various stars. One of the first civilizations to exist in the Andromeda constellation is the Andromeda Creatures.

Regardless of where in the constellation it resides, this civilisation has a single government, is 5,000 years more technologically sophisticated than we are, and is 4,700 years more spiritually advanced than we are. They do, however, keep a healthy balance between spirituality and technology. In other words, they employ technology to enable spiritual growth.

This is as a result of the many levels of measurement. Right now, we are in the Third Dimension. The fourth has not yet been reached. Conscience is what separates the Third Dimension from the Fourth.

Since every telepath can read the thoughts of others, there is a collective consciousness in the fourth dimension. Every individual is truthful, open, and free of ulterior intentions. The entity becomes clairvoyant when it enters this dimension because in this level of consciousness energy systems and fields may be observed.

The inhabitants of Andromeda did not exist in a controlled society like ours. They have studied all the disciplines, and as a result, they are telepathic and clairvoyant.

All souls are aware of who they are, are aware of their past lifetimes, and become conscious and aware of their current location each time they take on a physical body. They can also see their development in the afterlife.

Collier asserted in several interviews that “regressive” alien creatures are in charge of the Earth. These extraterrestrials arrived on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star system.

He claimed that two opposing philosophical belief systems separate individuals. One of them promotes love and free will, while the other exemplifies power and resource use.

He said that due of the modification of our DNA, we are falling behind the Andromedans. It has been estimated that the Earth has been heavily manipulated for 5700 years. However, it began 14,000 years ago when aliens from Orion started tampering with human DNA.

Collier said in his last speech that the planets’ environments and ability to support life were created by an old extraterrestrial culture. This ancient extraterrestrial race was known as “Paa Tal” to the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

In order to change the planet’s distance from the sun and regulate the quantity of radiation, he even claimed that these aliens are capable of removing the moons. The solar system could have been developed by the Andromedans.

Collier stated that the Andromedans are around 4300–4500 years ahead of us technologically. Like us on Earth, they do not calculate years in 365 days. Various aliens claim that each of their body’s cells undergoes a 34-year process of self-duplication that lasts one year.

22 extraterrestrial races make up humanity, according to Collier. He said that the planets in the eight galaxies nearest to us are home to around 135 billion people.

In fact, he said that when he visited one of these habitable worlds, the residents were terrified to meet him because of our unfavorable reputation. Only humans have the power to murder and enslave their own people in order to further their own interests.

It’s interesting to note that scientists have now validated Collier’s assertion that other aliens resemble humanity. If there are other sentient beings in the universe, they are probably like us, they claim.

According to researchers, the rules of the cosmos really severely restrict outward variety. In his book “The Equations of Living: How Physics Shapes Evolution,” astrobiologist and University of Edinburgh professor Charles Cockell lists three rules that all life forms, without exception, must abide by.

The same physical laws apply everywhere. For instance, the gravitational force is present both inside and beyond the solar system.

The same components will be used by life elsewhere in the cosmos. Water is the optimum fluid for the movement of carbon, which is the best chemical element for the emergence of life.

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