Was Zigmund Adamski a failed alien experiment that resulted in his death?

The first widely discussed alien abduction claim was reported by Barney and Betty Hill in 1961. Since then, a number of abductees have come forward to share their bizarre stories. From West Yorkshire, England, the Zigmund Adamski case is the strangest incident of all time. He disappeared in June 1980 and was found dead five days later, 20 miles from his home. As he died under mysterious circumstances, there are some theories that make his case even more mysterious.

According to the wounds and burn marks found on his body, experts believe that Adamski was struck by ‘ball lightning’ or some other unidentified phenomenon. Some of them added that KGB or aliens might be behind his death. There is not much information about how the KGB could be connected to the case, which is why people often talk about the alien abduction theory due to incidents such as “Alan Godfrey UFO  Encounter  ” and “  Ilkley Moor Alien  ”, as they also happened in West Yorkshire. in the same decade.

Adamski’s disappearance

Zigmund “Ziggy” Adamski was born in Poland and worked as a miner at Lofthouse Colliery, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. He married a woman named Lottie in 1951, who was later confined to a wheelchair due to ongoing health issues. Adamski himself suffered from lung deformity due to exposure to coal dust. Because of this, he applied for early retirement, but his appeal was denied.

Zigmund Adamski
Zigmund Adamski, found dead in Todmorden in 1980.

On 6 June 1980, at around 3.30pm, the 56-year-old Adamski took a walk to the local shop for groceries near his home on Thornfield Crescent in Tingley. It was the last time he was seen before disappearing. Lottie initially suspected that he had been kidnapped.

Five days later, his dead body was found in his father’s coal yard in Todmorden, lying on top of a 10-foot-high coal pile. It was about 20 kilometers from his home.

An officer named James Turnbull, who investigated Adamski’s case, said that when his body was discovered, he was wearing a shirtless suit. Turnbull was baffled that Adamski had been missing for five days, yet he only had one day of beard growth. “His face, it was reported, showed ‘absolute terror’ but there were no injuries to explain the cause of death.”

UK UFO case
James Turnbull, coroner who investigated the death of Zigmund Adamski, who died under mysterious circumstances in June 1980, pictured in West Yorkshire, September 1981

Additionally, there were burn marks on her head, neck and shoulders, covered in a strange ointment that raised questions about who might have applied it to her wounds.

Alien Abduction Theory

Unanswered questions about Adamski’s mysterious death have ufologists believing that aliens from outer space may have mistakenly abducted him. This theory was fueled by police officer Alan Godfrey, who claimed to have encountered a diamond-shaped UFO while patrolling the outskirts of Todmorden on November 28, 1980. 

Godfrey took out a sketch pad and pencil to draw the scene as evidence. But at that moment, a bright light flashed and blinded him for a moment. The next thing Godfrey remembered was driving his car down Burnley Road, and the UFO was gone. Furthermore, his sketchbook where he had drawn the UFO has also disappeared. Upon arriving at the police station, he consulted his watch and realized that fifteen minutes had disappeared from his memory. Later, he was encouraged to perform several hypnotic regression sessions. He remembers being taken into a spaceship where he met a strange biblical man along with a group of stunted, child-sized creatures with huge heads. Most likely, they were robots.

Seven years later, on December 1, 1987, Philip Spencer, a retired police officer, took a photograph of an alien entity in Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire while on a trip to meet his father-in-law who lived across the moor. . 

Alan Godfrey UFO Encounter
Alan Godfrey during the investigation 40 years ago in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

Spencer said he immediately followed the creature but unfortunately lost it. He later claimed to have seen a dome-shaped spacecraft that rose from the moor and disappeared into the sky. Like Godfrey, he too lacked time. Upon arriving at his father-in-law’s village, he realized that he had lost 2 hours. He also underwent hypnotic regression sessions.

“During his sessions it was revealed that he had been ‘lifted’ into the craft by an unknown force and found himself in a medical looking room – he was told to ‘not be afraid’. He also stated that at one point during the “journey” he could see what appeared to be a portal and through it he could see what he recognized as Earth in the distance, leading him to realize he was in outer space.

Is it possible that, like Spencer and Godfrey, Adamski was also abducted for medical experiments by aliens, but at that time the subject could not survive the test due to his state of health?

“According to writers Roger Boar and Nigel Blundell in their article on the subject, one of the two officers who initially responded to the body found came forward to his superiors in the days following the discovery and stated that he had “seen what appeared to be a disk flying” in the area just a few hours earlier. He was interrogated under hypnosis, with UFO experts believing his account to be true, but police refused to publicly name him.”

In 2015, the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) discovered in their research that Adamski and his wife Lottie had been in the middle of a fight with a family member before he went missing. BUFORA suspected that Adamski might have been kidnapped by a family member and died five days later of a heart attack. However, Godfrey said he found no reason to suspect any of his family members, and yet there is no explanation for the strange injuries on Adamski’s body.

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