NASA said that a “giant UFO” had just visited Earth and had landed in a military area.

News of an unidentified flying object (UFO) being discovered parked at a military airport in the US caused a stir in public opinion. What is more worrying, however, is when the US authorities determined that this is not the first time UFOs have visited Earth.


According to a source from the US military, the UFO that has just been discovered at the airport has a strange design, unlike any flying vehicle known to man before. After conducting tests and research, US authorities have determined that this UFO is indeed part of extraterrestrial activity.
Notably, this is not the first time UFOs have appeared on earth. According to some sources, unidentified flying objects have appeared in many locations around the world and have been recorded by many people over the past few decades. However, this is considered the first time that the US authorities have announced the official UFO presence.


According to some experts, the US government’s release of information about UFOs has opened up a series of worrying problems. Many people believe that the presence of UFOs and extraterrestrial activities will greatly affect public confidence and increase cultural and economic disasters.
However, some other experts say that the recognition of the presence of UFOs is an important turning point in the understanding of extraterrestrial life and also helps us to expand our knowledge of the universe.


Whether the opinion of intellectuals, scientists or the public is divided or unanimous on whether UFOs are fact or fiction, the US government’s admission of its presence will have many impacts. not small globally. We need to wait and see the next movements of the UFO and more information from the US government in the future.

1 thought on “NASA said that a “giant UFO” had just visited Earth and had landed in a military area.

  1. Where is it? Why hasn’t the media reported it?

    “NASA said”, “a source from the military”…Who are these people? What source?

    A report of this magnitude, of historical magnitude cannot just be made without some sort of proof, references, names, people, sources, credibility…

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