FBI Confirms Existence of Giant Human-Like Aliens in “Declassified 1947” Report

“I’m not saying they’re aliens. But they are aliens. ”

This is the motto of a famous internet meme based on the History Channel show by Giorgio Tsoukalos, “Ancient Aliens”. But now it seems to be the official US government line as well. This past July came the latest revelation about UFOs and aliens in The New York Times which, in the words of tech blog Gizmodo, “casually throws in another story about how real aliens are.” There are even reports that the Pentagon is in possession of the remains of “not made on Earth” vehicles. We must remember when speculation about UFOs was limited to alternative news and when the mainstream media didn’t mention it.

But a few months ago, the US Navy released videos of UFOs and more news has continued to emerge since then, suggesting at the very least that the US government is considering the possibility of aliens visiting Earth much more seriously than we think and some even think. that prepares us for the “Great Revelation” or “First Contact”. And now declassified FBI files have surfaced confirming the existence of gigantic ‘human-like aliens’.

Memo 6751

The FBI has declassified documents that mention flying saucers and “multidimensional beings”. The nearly 70-page report was written by an anonymous professor and was recently leaked online. According to the Daily Star and Sputnik News, documents called Memorandum 6751 allude to alien encounters dating back to 1947, mentioning “discs” with lightning and other extraterrestrial objects.

“A very serious situation could develop at any time regarding flying saucers,” the memo says, indicating that in people’s minds this could create “near panic” along with international mistrust. “If one of them is attacked, the attacking plane will almost certainly be destroyed.”

The report’s anonymous author goes on to describe “flying saucers” and how they operate.

“Some of the saucers are manned, others are under remote control”, says the author of the report, who also insists that their mission is nothing more than peaceful, but they have sufficient capacity to handle human weapons.

The memo states that human-like but much larger visitors contemplate settling down on this plane traveling in saucers that display a type of radiant or lightning energy that will easily disintegrate any trespasser. Observing the incomparable evasion of objects, he says that they re-enter the etheric at will and simply disappear from our sight without a trace.

confusing information

These are some of the details in Memorandum 6751 written on July 8, 1947, the same day as the first press release on the recovery of a crashed “flying saucer” on a ranch near Roswell. As discussed above, the author is anonymous but claims to have multiple university degrees and was the head of a university department. It should also be noted that the memo was written for the FBI and is NOT an FBI investigative report.

Unlike previous Roswell reports, this document refers to “living things”. Much larger in size than the humans who regularly visit us and occupy another dimension than ours rather than another planet. It also does not say how the anonymous investigator obtained all this information. From here, the information about Memo 6751 is confusing. Some say the documents were published “recently”, but there is a video uploaded to YouTube showing them in 2018. Unfortunately, the other 66 pages are not available.

On the other hand, the Film Daily news portal offers another interesting but undocumented revelation. Apparently, a decade ago, the FBI declassified a 70-page document and placed it in its internet database called The Vault. Film Daily says that Memo 6751 was declassified in 2010 and posted on The Vault. He also says that ufologists often mention this report, but until now, no one knew about its existence.

Surely this memo has everything we need, extraterrestrial revelations, controversies and confusing information. But regardless of its origin, what no one can deny is that 2020 has been a very active year as far as aliens are concerned. More and more people consider that they prepare us for the “Great Revelation”. And let’s face it, if they do, 2020 is the perfect year for them to arrive, as unlikely events are unfolding. From killer hornets to a global pandemic and an alien invasion… sounds good.

Do you think they are preparing us for “First Contact”? Will they present themselves as saviors of humanity?

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