In 2022, The Galactic Federation Fleet Arrived In The Solar System. Negotiations Will Take Place On Ganymede In 2 Years

Exopolitician, ufologist, conspiracy theorist and researcher Michael Salla said that a fleet of friendly aliens arrived in the solar system.

He received this information from the galactic federation from three independent and unrelated sources. The man published the relevant data on social networks and on his website. If you wish, you can get acquainted with other Michael’s materials.

So, about six months ago, 6 large ships were seen on the outskirts of the solar system.

During this time, they reached one of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede. Michael was first informed about the galactic federation about this amazing event by the JP officer, who is in the military. According to him, the International Space Association secretly sends personnel and military contingents to Ganymede as security. Negotiations with the creatures have already begun. True, so far only contactees participate in them.

One of them is Helena Danaan. It is she who at the moment is the main link between the representatives of the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance. Tor Khan Eredion, the head of the alien mission, conveyed important information about the beginning of a new era of contacts with earthlings. The outpost on Ganymede will become an advisory center between humanity and representatives of the Galactic Federation.


The fact is that aliens still perceive humanity as a relatively primitive, cruel and warlike civilization. Ganymede is a safe place to trade.

During the time until the ground vehicles reach it, the representatives of the Galactic Federation will build dome buildings, inside which conditions similar to those on earth will be created.

Michael Salla

Michael Salla said that the negotiations, which will take place in 2 years, with the de facto galactic federation, will decide the fate of humanity in the coming centuries. If the earthlings convince Tor Khan Eredion of the rationality of his longing for development and humanity, then with a high degree of probability the aliens will firmly enter our reality, and the earthlings will become part of the Galactic Federation.

If this does not happen, then humanity will be doomed to exist only within the Earth-Mars. We will not be allowed to enter deep space, and the knowledge that allows us to overcome interstellar space without spending thousands of years will not be passed on to us.

Already today there are specially equipped bases on the Moon and Mars, so that space convoys with various necessary devices and personnel are sent from Earth to Ganymede. In addition, the Galactic Federation settled on the dark side of the Moon, in the rings of Saturn, and at the South Pole of Mars.

There the joint construction of new bases by people and aliens has begun, as stated by the first source, JP, who has repeatedly participated in such missions.

Since 1945, representatives of the Galactic Federation have already been in many shadow government positions. Together with the Earth Alliance, they fight inside the Earth against the Dark Commonwealth, which includes representatives of the grays, insectoids, apexians, reptilians of black and green dragons and others. It was originally planned to hold a conference with Tor Khan Eredion in 2050, but due to the weakening of the Dark Commonwealth, it was decided to do so earlier, in 2025.

And in 2050, the first super conference with the participation of earthlings. will take place, in which the members of the Council of Nine will be, they are prophets or guardians of the Andromeda Council, the Galactic Federation, the Ashtar Command and hundreds of other highly developed civilizations and associations of the Universe.

At that time, humanity must stop all wars, join the top-ranking board of the Galactic Federation, receive and master advanced methods of moving through the Universe, including torsion fields, wormholes, and antigravity.

Michael Salla is currently not sure that humanity is ready for such changes, but if they do occur, then life for earthlings will change dramatically. Incredible technologies and opportunities will become available to us, and people will be able to travel to thousands of other planets.

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