NASA recognizes that “UFOs exist” and they need to study them

After years of mysteries and a thousand theories about UFOs, NASA has presented the preliminary results of the first independent investigation it has carried out.

The study, whose conclusions will be published at the end of July, tries to answer the question that thousands of people are asking: do these sightings have an alien origin?

In this sense, the 16 experts who have appeared at a historic press conference have wanted to make it clear: the vast majority of the 800 analyzed have a human explanation behind it, since they have been confused with drones or balloons.

However, it throws up a curious fact: for between 2 and 5% of these sightings, NASA has not found an explanation. The experts admit that they do not know their origin and have asked for time to continue studying them.

“This lack of data makes it impossible to draw scientific conclusions about the nature of UAPs ,” said Nicola Fox, NASA program director for science.

David Spergel, head of the team carrying out the investigation into the unidentified phenomena, for his part, assures that “the origin of the UAPs remains unclear” and “there is no guarantee that each sighting can be explained . “

The study group for UAPs was created in June last year with the aim of “advancing scientific understanding” of these phenomena and to “become more transparent” and “more open to the public” in order to break down the ” stigma” around these phenomena.

“This means that many people do not report sightings,” said the experts, who wanted to make it very clear that “they” are not hiding anything:

“As scientists, we too want to know the truth, it is our nature.”

NASA has studied about 800 sightings that occurred between 1966 and 2023. These types of objects have been found in airspace, that is, at the same height at which airplanes fly.

They are, in most cases, circular and spherical objects, between one and four meters high, and with a color between white and translucent.

Hot spots and “five eyes”

As for the place where the sightings have occurred, the agency has confirmed that the “hot spots” are the east and west coasts of the United States, as well as the Middle East, although this type of phenomenon has also been seen in other places. like Europe or Africa.

Even so, “this only means that more sightings are published at these points, not that there are more,” they explained.

As an example, NASA has analyzed in the press conference in which 16 experts have been several of the sightings that they have investigated.

Among them is that of an unidentified object that took place on the west coast of the United States. This object quickly caught his attention due to the frantic changes of position, but “everything points” to that it was “a commercial aircraft.”

These data have been shared and worked on in collaboration with the so-called “five eyes”, an alliance of countries made up of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Department of Defense, for its part, also created an office in mid-2022 to analyze and collect data on UFO encounters or phenomena of this type.

According to a Pentagon report published in January, the number of sightings has increased since 2021.

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