In Argentina, a woman captured on camera a strange light tube

All changed the moment this strange light tube emerged in the skies of Feliciano, Argentina. The images below which appear to be Photoshopped, but they are not. The strange anomalies are portrayed in a beautiful way.

Researchers generally believe that this picture is right, and certain physicists have tried to explain it rationally, but no one understands precisely what it is for the time being.

The woman was out on a morning run in San Jose Park when she saw a huge thunderstorm approaching and wanted to photograph it.

She was trying to take a photograph but was terrified of being captured, so she took a short snap. When she stared at her frame, the light tube started to shimmer, and she saw it.

She speculated in her blog post that this might be a tunnel that leads to heaven. Unlike the alternate universe hypothesis, another theory contends that there might be a truth apart from our own.

This can be referred to as a door or a door, but it only exists for a brief period before dissipating.

Many witnesses who appeared to have been interested in one of these “transportation to another planet” incidents said that the teleportation was so rapid that they couldn’t see it, which backed up the theory.

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